A Pithy Lexicon or Why is there a talking Chihuahua in this blog?

I tend give my friends, coworkers, crushes and random people nicknames. It started in college with Burp Boy (thanks to letting one rip in class. The walls vibrated it was so loud) who then became Pepto-Bismol Boy thanks to an unfortunate clothing decision of an all pink leisure suit. Since then, it has been nickname after nickname. If you look though my contacts on my celly, you’ll see one or two real names and the rest are coded gibberish to anyone else (Biker Chick-Fil-A….don’t ask)

I’ve brought some of these nicknames into my blogging (along with others that have come about as a result of blogging), so I thought I’d plop them all here for your reading pleasure. More will be added as they come to me…


Coach requested that I update this to add certain shows/items to the list. Pretty much anything is fair game for a nickname w/ me.

Chihuahua: One of my best girlfriends. Met sophomore year in college and have been tight ever since. Part Mexican hence the nickname. Lives in Lynchbore, hence making her the only reason I ever go back to visit.
Flippy/CareBear: co-worker and fellow blogger. Flippy comes from her blog title, CareBear comes from another friend’s name for her. Also fellow cat owner, but her kitteh is waaaaay “fluffier” and a mite bitchier than mine.

The Princess: or the Princess of PR Island. Another blogging co-worker. Introduced me to Michael Kors making me the happiest woman alive.

Sex Therapist: BFF. Also from the college years, this woman might be solely responsible for my corruption. She’s also responsible for my Cape Cod potato chips addiction. We pretty much talk everyday. If she didn’t live in Boston, we’d would have started our own commune already. She and her hubby are the sole reason I still have a tiny shred of hope that true love exists.

The Dude: Sex Therapist’s hubby. Also know him from the college days. Star Wars obsessed and the most awesomest hubby ever. I’d clone him and marry the clone if I could.

Lion King: Another college peep. Truly is my brother, except for the whole blood thing. Lives in NYC, but manages to visit regularly. And despite many, MANY peeps’ assumption, no, we will not be hooking up. Mmmkay??? (nor have we…it’s just….ew, ew, ew gross)

She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named/LYING LIAR WHO LIES (SuperPretty reference tm Demain on TWoP): Former BFF to both me and Sex Therapist. Bitch done gone crazy. We’ll leave it at that.

Mexi-Claus/Mexi-Can’t/Smug Monkey: This former co-worker has more names than than Tyra has weaves. Loves Macs. Owes me a t-shirt.

Sparky: Uber-creepy co-worker that Flippy and I avoid at all costs. We both live in fear that one day he will ask one of us out.

Coach Skinner: Co-worker that somehow convinced us to do a 5k. I’m not sure what mystical elements she used to get us to agree, but I will find out and use it for evil, not good.

Hotness Macgillacutty: Co-worker that gave herself this moniker when she commented on the Coach’s blog. **updated** It has come to my attention that this description is incomplete. Please note that Hotness lives up to the name of Hot. As in, she is. Got nothing for ya on the Scottish part. Except for the bagpipes she occasionally plays in the office.

Mono/ Porn Star: THE Ex. Lives in NYC and randomly IMs me, which is always fun. (please note sarcasm). Called Mono b/c much like the disease, I never knew what I had going on or when it was going on, and when I thought I had it I didn’t, and when I thought I didn’t have it I did, and the whole thing just made me tired and sleepy. **UPDATED** He apparently does porn now. Expect a post on that shortly.

Gay-sian: Shares my taste in fashion, music, food, and mocking. Especially the mocking. Nothing like two snarky rebels raised as evangelical christians ripping on Michael W. Smith, Jerry Falwell and other bastions of Christian culture.

SuperPretty: Better know as Supernatural. I’ve posted enough about the show that you should know why I watch.

Gossip Sluts: xoxo, I really tried to watch you. But once GayBassBoy popped on the screen w/ his “Gawd,  life is sooooooooooo hard when you’re a rich-bitch banger w/ a trust fund” face, I had to stop.  I heart my TV too much to keep throwing things at it.

Herpes: Please note that the “o” and “p” are right next to each other. Also note when you are looking at this pic while IM’ing:


Heroes, Herpes…whatever, like you wouldn’t have been distracted.  Just focus on teh pretteh.

Mean Fairy: It’s self-explanatory. The Princess came up w. this one. He’s only occasionally mean but he is Canadian.

Cabana Boi:  Mean Fairy’s hunnybunny. A lil birdie in the West Toast gave him this nickname.

My Little Pony:  She loves horses and she’s itty-bitty.

The Great White Hunter:  Loves deer meat. We got into a debate over hunting while at the bday dinner preceding the Elevator Incident, which no doubt ruined the date for the couple seated behind him as he proclaimed he would “gut it, skin it, and wear its antlers on his head”.

Sir JumpsALot: Apparently likes to jump and sing after consuming a gallon or so of vodka tonics.


5 Responses to “A Pithy Lexicon or Why is there a talking Chihuahua in this blog?”

  1. Whew! This helps A LOT….now I need a dictionary of your tv show monikers (SuperPretty, GossipSluts, Herpes, etc, etc, etc…)

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  4. mm. funny..

  5. mm. amazing.

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