Happy New Bacon!

I’m currently freezing my ass off in New England, while I wait for my bestie, Sex Therapist, to come home from work. The coffee table in front of me is covered in chocolate candy, the dining table in the next room is creaking beneath the weight of all the alcohol, and bags of chips is whispering my name.

Occasionally a dog the size of a horse tries to sit on my lap, while a tubby kitteh eyes me like an intruder. This might possibly be the best vacation ever. Belching contests, experimental mixed drinks, sugar rushes, food comas, bacon and deep-frying are all on the menu for this week.

I don’t do resolutions, but here is a quick little list of some that I think I can keep in 2010…or at least the first 10 days of 2010:

1. quit my cheez-it habit

2. eat as horrific as possible

3. deep fry everything

4. discover new uses for bacon

5. stretch the limits of my pants

Happy new year peeps!! May your hangovers be bacon-filled and mercifully short.


~ by pithycomments on December 31, 2009.

9 Responses to “Happy New Bacon!”

  1. deep-fried cheez-its. think about it.

  2. @Flippy: deep-fried bacon-wrapped cheez-its. think about that

  3. Count me in! Remember when I tried to be a vegetarian? Nope, me neither, because IT DIDN’T WORK. Fail.

  4. The next time I see you, bacon-wrapped deep-fried Cheez-Its had BETTER be involved. That is all.

  5. I like these resolutions!!! Very much…

  6. Just so you know, I am working on an actual recipe for the much discussed Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Cheez-Its

  7. @ SubSweetheart: I tried quitting red meat once and then I discovered Five Guys.

    @LiLu: There’s a reason I bought a portable deep-fryer

    @Paula: Gracias!

    @RestRefugee: I think I love you

  8. If I see a box of cheez-itz in the next few weeks Im going to shoot someone.

  9. I love Bacon. I love that you are making this the year of Bacon.

    Just please though- don’t steal my Bacon.

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