#pbandtuna owes me a liver

Apparently I steal drinks when I’m drunk.

Saturday night was the ever so awesome #pbandtuna. Once Flippy and I had sufficiently carbed up on Pizza Boli’s and gave up on the cab I ordered from Comfort Cab (who NEVER called me to let me know my cab arrived) , we snagged a Barwood cab #692 whose driver was a saint for pulling into a parking lot and waiting for us to sprint across Wisconsin Ave. to get to him.

At Stetson’s,  I got to meet some of the coolest peeps that I stalk on the Twitters and blogs, but fer realzy we need nametags or a cheatsheet for keeping the real names and the Twitter/blog names straight.  LiLu has an awesome linkage thing going on her site and once I stalk through the pics on Facebook, expect friend requests from me.

Some highlights as best I can remember:

  • Getting my ass grabbed by Lexa
  • getting tied w/ 12minds in our impromptu “beaner off”.  I still say you look more Hispanic than I do. Re-count!!
  • Flippy and I stealing JP and dmbosstone‘s drinks
  • possibly walking down U St. with a sombrero. That part’s a lil fuzzy.
  • stumbling to Maxie‘s and Cavy‘s hotel room and having a slumber party at 3 am. 6 girls, 2 beds and no, we didn’t have a pillow fight in our undies.  Or did we?
  • Looking like the walk of shame personified in the Breakfast Room at the hotel as I continentaled my breakfast
  • finding out that I stole drinks the next morning via Twitter
  • the accusatory look that the Pizza Boli’s delivery boy gave me after coming to my apt twice in less than 24 hours.
  • dying of death so bad, that not even Gilmore Girls could bring me back

LiLu, you and Maxie looked so freakin’ happy. I’m so glad I could be a part of your night.

ps. while I don’t *think* I bit anybody last night, I do tend to think I’m funny when I’m drunk and occasionally bite. So, if nommed you, much like Lexa’s ass grabs, it was done in love and I’m not sorry.  You were probably damn tasty, too!


~ by pithycomments on October 19, 2009.

10 Responses to “#pbandtuna owes me a liver”

  1. It’s probably best I didn’t make it out. I was busy falling down the up escalator (escalator races anyone? true story) and giving extravagant tips for a waitress fail.

  2. I cannot exist right now. I’m dying of death so bad, not even TOOL ACADEMY could bring me back!! TOOL ACADEMY, people!!!!

  3. @LiLu: Not even Tool Academy?! Whoa.

    We got Pizza Boli’s this weekend, too. There was no way we were gonna eat anything if we had to make it ourselves.

  4. Mmmmm, Pizza Boli.

    I forgot to tell you — i drank pumpkin beer with my Trivial Pursuit last night. I stole it from my roommates. Who knew we were such kleptos?

  5. thank god I couldn’t open that last bottle of wine. we did NOT need any more booze.

    thanks for coming to the party and the after party!!

  6. I wasn’t bitten, but I DID have fun. Also, your dress was great. Also, the look on your face when Berto asked, “You’re a Florida Hispanic?!” Priceless.

  7. I could use another liver too. I love you vodka, but DAMN.

    SO good to meet you — I can’t wait to come back to DC soon!

  8. Ugh, that event owes me a liver and a brain. Damn. Yes, you totally jacked our drinks… revenge is a whore. We need to do it again.

  9. You owe me some drinks.

  10. @coffeeonwheels: escalator races? how did I forget to ask you about this?

    @LiLu: I’m not sure I know what Tool Academy is?

    @f.B.: I might be in love w. Pizza Boli’s

    @Flippy: I feel like the drink stealing is a new development for us

    @Maxie: Flippy and I were trying to figure out how we ended up in your room. The promise of more booze explains all.

    @SuburbanSweetheart: Thank you, I love that outfit! And yeah, I forget to keep the SunshineState beaner aspect under wraps sometimes

    @jenniferelaine: It was awesome meeting you!

    @jp: I may have jacked them, but I looked damn good doing it!

    @Patrick: You know I’ll just steal them again, right?

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