Every morning I watch the Daily Show while getting ready for work. I generally let the commercials play, since I can never figure out where I last left the Tivo remote (kitchen counter, bathroom door, under a bra). Today,  I was walking to the kitchen when I saw part of this commercial:

Seriously, what Tabasco marketing genius thought this was a good idea??!  While I love me some hot sauce, thanks to that commercial I don’t see myself having pizza ANYTIME in the near future and I sure as FUCK will not be adding hot sauce when I do.  The last thing I need are creepy-eyed faces bubbling up on my slice with tiny sets of bleached teeth serenading me in four-part harmony as I try to eat.

Especially the dude at the bottom. He looks like he would fly off the slice and try to om nom nom nom my jugular.

And I thought the Snuggle Bear and Wrong Way Willy Wonka would haunt my dreams.

“Die, you Devil Bear! DIE”


~ by pithycomments on October 8, 2009.

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