kitteh pr0n

Occasionally MommaPithy will do something that completely throws me. It is usually an off-hand comment during a call or the random email. A few weeks ago, she sent me an email forward with the subject:

Fwd: FW: Rv: SEXO ORAL EN EL SOFÁ……………………………….

(that’s oral sex on the sofa)

My mom’s cousin that lives in Colombia likes to send MommaPithy naughty email forwards. Sadly, it is a rare event that these emails get sent to me, no doubt as a last ditch effort to keep me “pure”.  It’s cute that they try, though.  So when I saw the subject line I figured my cousin had sent it. Nope, it was MommaPithy. Several scrolls later, this is what she sent me:








kitteh pr0n

kitteh pr0n

I have no words.


~ by pithycomments on October 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “kitteh pr0n”

  1. awww the poor bambinos! isn’t kiddie porn illegal! those cats are DEFINITELY under age!

  2. I don’t care it if IS cats, I don’t want anything with porn (or pron) in it from my mother!

  3. i don’t want my mom to even know what oral sex IS.

  4. oh she knows what it is. During a particularly awkward conversation (the one where I ‘fessed up to not being “pure”) she made the following comment:

    “Jew havey de orrral sexy, no? Becowse dat ess de guuud stuff.”

    I died a little that day.

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