a rock en Español primer

since I talked my love for rock en Español last post, I thought I’d post some clips of my favorite groups and songs.

I ended with a clip of the amazing Héroes del Silencio  (HDS) headed up by Enrique Bunbury who bears a striking resemblance to Jim Morrison. When I first started listening to him, I was told that he claimed to either be the illegitimate son of Morrison or have Morrison’s spirit.  I couldn’t find anything about that from teh interwebz, so I’m guessing that was a Colombian tall tale.

Morrison link or not, Bunbury is amazing. After Héroes broke up in 1996, he continued as a solo artist and I was extremely lucky to have seen him perform in NYC  in 2004. His solo music has less of the 80/90’s feel to it, but is smoother rock. Not heavy and with more of an organic,  sultry feel to it.

Al Final

And another from the 2007 Héroes reunion tour, because it’s sooooo damn good. HDS is rather comparable to Kansas and GnR in sound.

Deshacer el Mundo

La Ley is another group that is sadly no more.  From Chile, with another hottie for lead singer,  Beto Cuevas. Probably their best album was MTV Unplugged. Beto’s a lil’ dramatic in his performance, but the man can wear a pair of jeans.  I saw them at the 9.30 Club and would have totally been a groupie for them that night. La Ley is a far more polished sound, more pop-rocky to HDS’s  organic sound


El Duelo (one of my favorite songs from them, with Mexican rockera Ely Guerra)

Beto now does his own thing. And it’s awesome. I love him. I love this song. I hate his mustard pants. He sound is slightly more electronic and slick now, with hints of Nine Inch Nails.

Los Fabuloso Cadillacs from Argentina. Also broken up.  We would dance (drunkenly) to this song at our rock bar every weekend and it never got old. They have more of a ska sound, and isn’t too heavy on the guitars at all.


Manu Chao is all over the place. Born in France, spent time in Colombia and Guatemala and sings in English, Spanish, French and whatever else he feels like at the moment. His music is as random as this video is.  He takes his musical influences from the Caribbean, Spain, France and pretty much anywhere he’s set foot.

Me Gustas Tu

Before Manu Chau came Mano Negra, his band which, say it with me, broke up. The music isn’t as random as his current stuff, but still awesome. Has a bit more of a rocky feel. When he came to Merriweather and played this song, it was a field full of dancing, drunk beaners. I was so happy.

Mala Vida

And now to mi gente. Colombian rocker Juanes, started out in Ekhymosis. They broke up (shocking, I know) and he went on to a extremely successful solo career. In last week’s ep of Glee, they played his song La Camisa Negra during Puck’s flashback of seducing MILFs. My favorite song, A Dios le Pido is basically a Colombian anthem of sorts. In the song he’s asking God for survival. For himself, his family and his love.  He’s asking for protection from the violence that has been such a part of Colombia. He’s asking that if he dies, it be from love. Perhaps the most powerful part of the song is this:

A Dios le pido

I ask of God
Por los dias que me quedan

For the days that I have left
y las noches que aun no llegan yo
And the night that have yet to arrive I
A dios le pido
Ask of God
Por los hijos de mis hijos y los hijos de tus hijos
For the kids of my kids and the kids of your kids
A dios le pido
Ask of God
Que mi pueblo no derrame tanta sangre y se levante mi gente
That my people don’t shed so much blood and rise again

(btw, I’m  loving this line in Spanish so much, I’m adding it to the tattoo files)

When Juanes was in Ekhymosis they wrote this absolutely beautiful song about Colombia, the themes of which are echoed in Dios le Pido. In La Tierra, he is asking for his countrymen to love their race, their brothers and their blood and not to throw away all of this for the sake of violence.

For a quick mini-history on Juanes and Shakira, check out this article. While I adore HDS, for pure emotional impact, nothing can compare to Juanes. There’s so many more artists I could add, but there’s only so much awesome one blog post can take.


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4 Responses to “a rock en Español primer”

  1. “Life’s too short to listen to Maroon 5.”

    LOVE. IT.

    thank baby jeebus, I’m not the only one.

  2. Intresting, this was actually a very great read! thanks

  3. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  4. No mention of Gustavo and Soda Stereo? You’ve completely forgotten Andrea Echeverria and Aterciopelados? Not one mention of any of the great Mexican bands, like Maná or Jaguares?!?!
    For your pennance, you must come and participate in the new WP blog on Rock en Español…

    Oh, and I concur, La Ley is/was one of the greatest.
    I don’t like Beto’s new disc nearly so much, sadly.

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