I have ennui. Bad.  Michel from Gilmore Girls accurately sums it up here:

I think now that my summer of traveling to other countries and spending a lot of time with dear friends has come to a close, my mind, body and bank account are finally decompressing and acknowledging that this is my life. I am not a carefree wanderlust anymore. I am some sort of adult. Woo-fucking-hoo.

I’ve barely been checking my Google Reader. I don’t want to mark all as read, so I don’t check it at all, which then causes a panic when I do check. It’s a vicious circle. Even my beloved LOLCats haven’t been getting visits from me. I was in process of creating a Facebook account for the blog, and suddenly stopped checking FB for anything. I haven’t responded to rather important emails from friends, and if it weren’t for Tweets being sent to my phone I probably would update Twitter as well. I’ve gotten called out on FB twice for my lack of response/updates, causing some to wonder if I’m still alive.

Coach Skinner, now Vagabondventures, has given me more than one guilt-trip about my communicative shortcomings, since we all know I’m not known for keeping my yap shut, my silence had been worrying her.

I feel like I’m depressed, but this isn’t the crying-into-a-tub-of-Ben & Jerry’s-depression. I feel completely and utterly unmotivated, which is especially dangerous since school is back in session. I get home and sit in front of my laptop and zone out doing absolutely nothing other than listening to music until bedtime. (Side note: Héroes del Silencio’s Tour 2007 is an incredible CD. But more on that in another post)

Work has been shit-tastic and completely draining. It has become a daily occurrence that I feel the need to either punch someone, or just get up from my desk and walk away, never to return. I don’t know if it’s the economy or what, but goddamn, have clients been treating us like dog shit on a daily basis. Hello, insurance flashbacks. I haven’t missed you. You know what doesn’t help? Getting yelled at by the dregs of society.

I look like crap b.c I don’t bother w. makeup or doing my hair. My skin has also decided that the zits I missed out on during puberty should now appear.   The hair is currently a horrific color that is a combo of faded red and the golden brown I attempted 2 weeks ago. Much like AC/DC, I will be back in black very soon.

The one bright spot lately has been school. Despite not being very motivated, the classes are extremely interesting and I’m already developing a list of books that I want to read. The weekly writing exercises for one class I hope to use for blog posts, (hence today’s posting) despite my snark being slightly restrained. Speaking of classes, how is it that there are NO cute guys in my class, but both profs are easy on the eye?!  I’m guaranteed to pay attention this way, but ye gads, this is so not fair.

I had more to post, but an extremely cranky octogenarian needs help figuring out how to cut and paste, so chau.


~ by pithycomments on September 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ennui”

  1. OMG I’m glad you’re at least alive!
    Just remember that you’re a wonderful, talented, well-loved woman:) And don’t forget that 90 percent of all working adults also hate their jobs/whining clients.
    Fingers crossed that life sorts itself out. In the mean while, plot and plan your escape to my side of the world!
    I’m amassing a list of things we’re going to see and do when you get here. *Hint: it involves lots of border hopping, chocolate indulging, and wine slurping…
    Side note: I don’t have enough money to fly back to DC just to (attempt to) kick your behind back into healthy spirits…so, you’ll have to surgically extract the ennui from your life sometime soon.
    Love you and miss you!

    border hopping and wine slurping are two things my people do best! And ye gods, do I miss thee!!

  2. I read the post, then I watched the clip. Me so happy now.

    Me so happy you’re watching GG

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