the Interwebz aren’t for everyone

While I’m not a social media expert by any means, I am comfortably informed about it and even more comfy w/ various techy stuffings. I Tweet, blog, Facebook, have a fully loaded Google reader, work at a techy place surrounded by Big Bang Theory extras and occasionally use LOLSpeak in normal conversation.

Occasionally I forget that not all my friends are as plugged in as I am. Namely, Chihuahua.  Only recently was I able to convince her to sign up for Gchat and I had been on that for at least 2 years. She does email and text occasionally, and uses the Internet for work and research, but that’s it. She refuses to get on Facebook, much like she refuses to play nice w/ the gas company in Lynchbore and have central heating in her home. (To be fair, they were absolute dicks to her, hence the hate and why I only visit in the Spring and Summer).

Despite the techy shortcomings, I try to keep her in the loop by emailing her stuff from my GoogleReader. Last week a entry popped up that I had to send to her, since there is a long running joke among my HellU friends about my ability to find information on the Interwebz. (You call it stalking, I call it being informed. )

Here’s what I sent:

From: Pithy
Date: Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 10:27 AM
Subject: (630): I sat a few seats down and…
To: Chihuahua, etc.

think I’ve found my soulmate

Sent to you by Pithy via Google Reader:

via Texts From Last Night on 8/14/09
(630): I sat a few seats down and one row behind a cute girl at the Cubs game today. Having watched her talk to the guy next to her, I found out only her name and age. I then used that information and pieced it together with over 500 girls on Facebook with the same name. I found the same girl, and we’re now fbook friends.
(1-630): if being a creepy fuck was an olympic sport, they’d think you were using performance enhancing drugs…

And here’s how part of our convo went:

Chihuahua: Hey Pith, did you send me an email last week? A strange one? About a girl you met?

Me: huh? what girl? (me thinking: OMG, was I drunk last week? did I send drunken emails again? what girl would I have sent a weird email about?

Chihuahua: I was at work, so I only skimmed it, but it was about a girl? You met her at a game?? The email said something about fucking??? You said she was your soulmate????
Me: …

F i n a l l y my memory kicked in as to what I had sent her, and after I finished cackling I assured her that the  email was not some sort of rambling coming out missive (I still ❤ the peen), but a forward of a text.  Then I  had to explain

It could have been worse. I could have sent that email to MommaPithy.


~ by pithycomments on August 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “the Interwebz aren’t for everyone”

  1. haaaaaaa. oh man, i always give up halfway through explanations like that. it’s too much for my internet-obsessed heart to take 🙂

    I have a one strike policy. If you can’t understand what I’ve sent you, I’m never sending you stuff again.

  2. Hee. We do work with Big Bang Theory extras.

    complete w/ our own Wolowitz

  3. Hahaha, this is brilliant!!! Oh, and as for your ability to find things out on the internet . . . I am the same. And I don’t call it stalking either. 🙂

    there are some whack jobs out in the world today and thanks to public records, I can find them.

  4. OMG dying laughing! Chihuahua is hilarious. I can picture her face trying to figure out WTF you were talking ’bout. Although I should definitely NOT laugh too hard; I’ve had similar looks on my face when you try to explain FB-y things to me.

    I’m surrounded by techno-phobes

  5. My coworkers is OBSESSED with John and Kate + 8 so sometimes I email her stuff and she gets SO confused. Ahhh technology.

    Ahhhh, people


    That is all.


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