Denim booty

Shopping for jeans is never fun. I generally have to psych myself up for the event and even then I leave the fitting room with my ego battered and bruised,  but my wallet intact since nothing fit. I’ve detailed my denim drama here before and made peace with the fact that the one set of jeans that would fit my lovely lady lumps were the pricey Michael Kors line of jeans.  I had picked up about 3 pairs throughout the past year, during various sales and had thought to purchase more when one of the pairs ripped in a slightly delicate location, rendering them unfit for regular use.   Having jeans rip after only one year of use, really pissed me off especially since  I have jeans that were way cheaper that are still in good condition, other than they can’t magically expand to accommodate my arse.

Enter Maxie, the GAP “Born to Fit”  party and Brand About Town, the peeps responsible for LiLu’s awesome Nintendo par-tay.  Sunday afternoon, a still-slightly-drunk Flippy and I emerged from the Metro to walk the 2 or 3 blocks to party central. Unfortunately for us, I took us in the wrong direction, twice (causing more than one awkward passing of a motherly woman pimping some church in the area) and had to use my phone’s GPS to figure out where we were supposed to be. .9 miles later we arrive at the party, completely soaked w/ sweat.  We could have walked to the party from my Lair and it would have been easier and probably less sweaty.

Once upstairs w/ some extremely awesome bloggy chicas the conversation covered every topic imaginable: religion, piercings, tummy penises, recipes, kittehs. It was a blast and I introduced all of them to the wonder that is Colombian cheese bread and aguardiente.  For the first 30 mins I just sat on the couch, downing wine in hopes that my body temp would go down and wondering how much of a party foul it would have been if I put the cold wine bottles down my shorts.

Eventually I cooled down enough to consider moving towards the table o’ jeans and starting looking through the pile for my size, only to hear Maxie tell us that the GAP had only sent sizes 0-12 for the party. FAIL. , GAP? Pretty sure that the average size for women starts at 8 and not 0.  Other than the newly blogging again Coachie, I don’t know any size 0 chickys. In the end I couldn’t try on any jeans, since I’m a 14 in Gap jeans, which was a bummer. Thankfully DC Princess had given me some love, so I had gone to the Gap the day before (daddy issues shopping) and checked out the new denim line.

I really liked these new 1969 jeans. The denim was ooooh-so soft and the SexyBoot was quite sexy and hugs in all the right spots. Flippy tried those on at the party and I swear they added an inch or two to her midget status.  The Long and Lean (don’t think those were at the party, shame) fit like that pair of jeans that you never want to take off.  The Real Straight was really not for me, and I avoided the Always Skinny like it was vodka.  Altogether I really liked this new line. They are definitely cheaper than Michael Kors and I’m hoping there will be no rippage in indelicate areas.

Despite the lack of sizes, the afternoon was made of win. Big thanks to Maxie for ensuring that my ass will be fashionably covered!


~ by pithycomments on August 10, 2009.

7 Responses to “Denim booty”

  1. Oooo… I’m heading to the store for some of that Long and Lean.

    And you know how I feel about the sizes. B freaking S!!!

    Got a pair last night and seriously considering buying another pair.

    My friend and I were discussing those sizes the other day, and we couldn’t think of more than maybe 2 people that might be a size 0.

  2. I didn’t even realize they made me look taller — SCORE!!

    And seriously. My legs are sore from our excursion.

    we are sadly out of shape. And I say that after nomming through some Buffalo Wild Wings. The gym is gonna be fuuuuun tonight.

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    A porn site linked to me! MommaPithy would be so proud

  4. Glad you had a good time, love! And glad you brought those bread things. The were fucking delicious.

    they are the best things evah!

  5. we were shocked/annoyed at the sizing @ dcprincessq’s party as well. especially since they CARRY 14s in the store!? why not have those at the parties..? weird.

    It’s just as well. I was so goddamn sweaty that trying on jeans would have been ugh. Still a bummer though. Boo, GAP. Booooo

  6. Jeans shopping?! I wanna go *sad face*

    Glad you found some that make you happy! A girl’s relationship with her jeans is almost emotional.

    Speaking of things that make you happy, Sephora in Paris would make you have an orgasm…

    OMGOMGOMGOMG, I hadn’t even thought of what a Parisian Sephora would look like. Pics!!!

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