so I’m walking around the produce section at  Shopper’s during  my lunch break intently hunting down a jicama for dinner. I am so absorbed in my task that I neglected to notice the dryer sheet-like thing on the floor, stepped on it, slipped  and fell to my knees. I thought I had escaped attention, but the manager and 2 little old ladies that checked up on my assured me that I had an audience. Btw, the 2 little old ladies suggested that I NEVER tell the  manager of a store where I have wiped out  that I am “OK.” To quote one: “I’m living proof that you don’t tell them you’re ok.” ummmm, ok?

Other than my pride and what will no doubt be an awesome bruise, I’m fine.

Never did find the jicama. ;-(

PS. I blame this guy.


~ by pithycomments on August 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Wipeout”

  1. I’ve done the slip-then-flail-wildly (and possibly knock over a display in the process) but so far, no complete spills.

    ….in a grocery store, anyway.

    this wasn’t my first grocery store fall…or fall in public for that matter. Best was falling twice in a 1-block radius in Baltimore. I was sober, too.

  2. Basically, the old ladies told you to sue, Capt. Oblivious.

    Whatevs, Capt. SmartyPants.

  3. I’m with flippy. And you should’ve. Just desserts for not having jicama.

    I’m too lazy to sue. I was bitter about the jicama, though.

  4. And this is only the beginning…. wait for it.

    La la la la…not listening

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