pimpage and other housekeeping items

I’m a bad blogger. I envy those of you who post daily or far more regularly than I and respond to their comments quickly and comment on others (I’m a lurker, really).  I barely find time to tweet and keep my Google Reader under control. And when I do post, I find myself writing looooooong ass missives. Not very pithy of me. Seriously, how do you guys do it??

I have tons of things I want to write about: I have at least 2 more Barcelona recaps,  a nerdgasmic post about Farscape, book review,   and at least one more TMI Thursday. And not enough time to squeeze it in.

Here’s the thing that gets me the most. I love blogging. It’s fun and I’ve met some seriously cool peeps b/c of it. Seriously cool peeps that will be at a seriously cool happy hour this Friday:

see what I did just there? Smooth, huh?

see what I just did there? Smooth, huh?

Now that two of my favorite people have flown off to foreign countries, I find myself wanting to update more since I know they’ll be checking here to keep up with the goings on in DC. Landloping Lady is traipsing around Southeast Asia while earning a teaching certificate and blogging about her adventures in Thailand at http://landlopinglady.blogspot.com/.

Le Coachie moved to France while I was in the motherland. She’s studying for her master’s, hopefully developing a taste for wine and shopping for a very comfy couch.  The last part will be vital since I’ve been planning a visit 20 seconds after she told me she was moving.  She’s SUPPOSED to be starting a blog soon *hintHINT* hopefully detailing all her wine tastings.

I’d like to promise that I’ll be a better blogger, but I think we know how that would end.  I just need a few more hours in the day. And a personal assistant. And a pool boy.

Especially the pool boy.


~ by pithycomments on August 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “pimpage and other housekeeping items”

  1. Don’t worry. You’re a good little bloglet. As long as you come tomorrow 😉

    SO there. Need some cheering up what with all my peeps leaving the country.

  2. You have a pool kitteh — ISN’T THAT GOOD ENOUGH?!?!?!

    spoke by someone who HASN’T seen Nutsak the One-Eyed Wonder kitteh in a Speedo.

  3. I am a little upset I missed everybody that night.

    We missed you too! It wasn’t the same without you.

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