The 30th bday that I kinda sorta remember

Holy crap, what a weekend!

I have some v. awesome friends!

Saturday night was my planned belated b-day dinner. I had left the planning up to Coachie since in between planning and recouping from No Sangria Left Behind, I was drained of creative energy.   As Saturday drew closer, I was getting antsy b/c I didn’t know what was going on. Coachie’s “updates” were to tell me that my friends suck b.c no one had responded to her emails asking for ideas/help.   Also w/in that week, FAIL told me he had a wedding to go to, Schmitty told me he had forgotten and had a friend in town, NittanyLion had a bellydancing show, etc. Now, most people might have caught on, but I’m not that bright.  Considering my bday had been 3 weeks ago and I had sent this invite before I left and hadn’t really followed up, I just assumed that peeps had forgotten.

So Saturday rolls around and Coachie decides that we’ll get our nails done before dinner at Jaleo. She picks me up and we head into Bethesda and the entire time she’s telling me how pissed she is at my friends and how no one responded.  My thoughts: No one?? Not even JRules??  But, bu-uu-t he always responds to stuff. He wuvs me. And Nat?? No Nat??  Seriously??? I know my visits to my B-more posse have been spotty, but to not even respond?? Sniff.

My response to Coachie: Whatever.

Flippy texted to say she would be late. She had warned me of this on Friday so I didn’t really pay attention. Then DR texted that her mom’s alarm had been going off so the security company had called her and she had to check.  By now I was getting slightly annoyed, and Coachie was getting v. irritated in her own special way.  She was also getting hyper.

Coachie, as she hops/skips/dances around the apartment:  I’m so hyper for your birthday!!! Aren’t you excited.

My thoughts: You’re excited about me and you being the only people at a table for 8 at Jaleo??? Ooooooookay.

My response: Uh, yeah, I’m excited.

After the mani’s we stopped by Ten Thousand Villages for a lil looky, and I noticed that Coachie was texting a great deal, but thought it was sister-related since her sis and bf had a huge fight.  Coachie was also v. concerned w/ killing time.  I started thinking that perhaps there was something going on, maybe even a surprise party but quickly dismissed that as there was NO way that Coachie would have been with me for such an extended period of time and not let something slip.

On our way to Jaleo, we stopped at Coachie’s apt to check on the sis since she was v. distraught about her fight and was drowning her sorrows in booze. Being the enabler I am, I brought all the little bottles of booze that I had to donate to the cause of man-hating.

I walked into the apt was met with a sillystring/confetti attack with Eye of the Tiger playing in the back. Everyone was there: Flippy, DR, Mean Fairie, CabanaBoy, Nat, FAIL,  JRules, Hotness Macgillacutty, my Shimmy Sisters, and JP. My WestToast co-workers sent in a group shot of them doing a “Pithy pose” so they were there in spirit, some sillystring almost went up my nose, but were deflected by my boobs, so SmugMonkey was represented as well.  Schmitty and his lady joined us. Best part: both Schmitty and FAIL suited up for me! It was legendary!

The one downside to the surprise was that I had not eaten alot  in prep for dinner. So after my second margarita, I was already drunk. The 2 slices of pizza and a cupcake did nothing when chased w/ half a bottle of champage, taken straight from the bottle,  cuz I’m classy like that.

After the presents and the pre-game, we made our way to Havana Village where we met up w. MalSnay. I attempted to dance w/ my peeps, but the hastily grabbed salsa shoes were not meant to be.  In my less-than-sober state I couldn’t get them buckled properly so I was walkng around w/ shoes half off and a long dress that I was tripping on. But I did have a leopard print tiara on, so it was all good.

After a couple of mojitos, events become fuzzy. I vaguely remember going to Bourbon and meeting up w/ my lovely ladies, LiLu, Maxie, Lemmonex, Deutlichf.B and his lovely lady were also there, and I finally got to meet (and place my head in her boobs)  the infamous cavy. (If I left anyone out, I’m sorry and I blame the devil’s drink)

After that, it’s a blur.  Rumor has it boobs were everywhere, I was hugging people left and right and at one point I announced “For those who haven’t seen drunkPithy,  THIS is DrunkPithy!!”  I fully expect nip slips in my pics.

The last thing I really remember is  being at the Diner and staring at my Monte Cristo sandwich while weaving in my seat. I also remember really wanting to lay my head on the table, using my home fries as a pillow.  Thankfully I didn’t. At least I haven’t been told that I did.

The next day was spent alternating between Flippy’s bed and her couch, with a side of KFC and bacon and watching Role Models. Paul Rudd, I heart you. Be my sex slave?

A big thank you to all my peeps!!!!  You rock!


~ by pithycomments on June 22, 2009.

16 Responses to “The 30th bday that I kinda sorta remember”

  1. Happy birthday, Pithy 🙂

  2. Oh it was a scene, a spectacular scene.

    Happy birthday!

    Also, you know I loved the leopard tiara.

    • at one point in the evening, when I was actually sober and can remember things, when I was looking at my tiara, I and thinking how you would approve of the tiara and possibly steal it. heee!

  3. I had the most fun ever on saturday night! Glad you did too 🙂

  4. what a FANTASTIC bday celebration!! surprises, friends, dancing, and an inability to remember the full events of the night… HOORAY 🙂

  5. Hurry up and get older! I might have to suit-up and be… wait for it……………………….. legen-dary!

  6. I would’ve come by if I didn’t have that pesky housewarming party…Sounds like it was awesome!! xo

  7. I hear there might be photographic evidence of this outing. Happy B-day!

  8. Muhahaha, Saturday certainly was legendary. I’m still giddy that we got you so good!

  9. Honestly? Saturday was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. I’m so glad we ran into you!


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