Barcelona, bishes!!

writing from the world’s crappiest craptop. Seriously, this thing makes my work PC awesome in comparison, so you know this is a fucking piece of donkey shit. Also, we haven’t found an internet cafe yet, despite lugging the donkey shit craptop around Las Ramblas, so we bought the hotel’s access for a day. So this will probably be my only update/note/email. The cell phones won’t work here either, so no Twitter. God, I miss Twitter. I’ve been jotting stuff down in a notebook, so I do have goods for later when I’m not defiling myself w/ this donkey turd. I really hate this craptop.

In Barcelona!!! Haven’t killed MommaPithy or TioTiny (the Wonder Twins with a super power of annoyance) yet, but it’s only been one day. Thank baby Jesus I have my iPod, otherwise it would get uuuuuuuuuuuuuugly.

Flight was great minus delays and full-sprinting to get to my flight. MommaPithy’s not so much for the sprinting. It was kinda funny, had I not been freaking out that we would miss our flight to madrid. Made it to barcelona, became intimately aquainted will the airport while trying to find our luggage (we may have set a new record for going thru security checks). My suitcase is completely fucked up and hardly usable anymore, but nothing was stolen.

From the 100+ emails, I saw some facebook activity, so thank you all for the bday wishes. The WonderTwins had forgotten until the hotel sent up some cake and a bottle of champagne for me!! Champagne, you and I are gonna have some good times as I chug you down.

MommaPithy got mad tipsy last night from her single glass of sangria. After my third glass, the wonder twins became bearable. Note to self: drink more.

Loving Barcelona. Will have to return sans the elderly.You know what’s really fun? Having the same fucking argument everytime we decide to eat: TioTiny is fucking cheap and doesn’t want to eat out, MommaPithy’s extent of eating out is the Golden Corral. The compromise: Fix sandwiches here, and only eat dinner out. I’m the one figuring out tips (they are horrible tippers) and navigating through the city w/ the maps. And we haven’t gotten lost. Barcelona, I think we’re meant to be!!

There a huge soccer game today (Barcelona vs. Manchester U) so tons of soccer hotties are about. We did las Ramblas today, (not as awesome as I was expecting) and the port or whatever is at the end of Las Ramblas. Loaded up on fresh noms at La Boqueria, which was exactly what I was expecting.

This post is all over the place. Now, to get pretty for tonight’s show.



~ by pithycomments on May 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Barcelona, bishes!!”

  1. Hooray Spain! Have fun, take lots of photos.

    thanky! and I believe I have about 1600 pics combined.

  2. I missed the game today, because my computer is massive gay. Feather boa and all.

    I didn’t see the game at all thanks to having reservations at a flamenco dinner show. I was sorely tempted to bail on the dinner and find a pub, but that wouldn’t have gone over well.

  3. I had a long weekend in Barcelona last year and loved it. I know what you mean about the Ramblas not being as great as you expect – I was staying around the corner from it – but I still loved it!

    We kept going back to Placa Catalunya and Las Ramblas, so it did grow on me a little, but it still isn’t the fuss they say it is. Parc Guell is where it’s at!

  4. Missing your face! Also, am eternally jealous. See you soon, birthday girl 🙂

    Missing your boobs! Now that I’m not sick, I feel a happy hour should be forthcoming. I am an alcoholic, after all!

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