Pig roast eve!!

By this time tomorrow, I will probably in the midst of a v. pleasant alcohol induced buzz watching Nacho the Pig slowly turn over an open flame. Yes, I’m naming it. We’re gonna hug it and squeeze it and call it Nacho De Peeeg.  You gotta say the name w/ the (in) appropriate accent.

The history behind the Annual Drinko de Mayo Piggie Roast can be found here, and this year is shaping up to just as memorable, and I haven’t even left DC yet.

On Wednesday Chihuahuha called to tell me that she had not been successful in her efforts to secure a pig. The Mennonites cannot be found and other porky places require more lead time to prep the pig. It’s a pig people, how much time do you really need? Is there a waiting period? Background checks? It’s a pig, not a gun.  And hello, Swine Flu. It’s not like peeps are clamoring for whole pigs right now.

The one farm that could accommodate our time-sensitive needs had one teeny, tiny caveat: We would have to kill (and presumably dress)  the pig ourselves.  While Chihuahua and I are v. independent and capable women, (I have no problem being elbow deep in the pig trying to get the spit through and trust me, that can be a bitch)  I don’t see how our killing the pig would go well. For starters I believe the most popular method of porkicide  requires that one be up close and personal w/ Nacho and I’m not so thrilled w. that idea.  I have no problem shooting it, but a) we don’t have a gun (sad face) and b) hitting a moving target can be damn tricky.

While Lynchbore was being stingy with their Porky’s, the DC metro area is apparently a plethora for all things oink.  No waiting period and no having to channel your inner John Locke and do the dirty deed yourself.  Just plop down your pesos and walk away with a bodybagged  Wilbur.

Which leads to the newest Pithy adventure.  After work Le Coache and  I will be picking up a roast-ready  porker from the awesome Euro-Latino Grocery in Arlington, throwing Nacho De Peeeg  in the back seat of my Kia and driving 3 hours to Lynchburg.

Yes, driving 3 hours w/ a dead pig in the backseat.

And the hilarity ensues.


~ by pithycomments on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “oink-alicious”

  1. This sounds like a fantastic time. Especially naming your dinner. Perfect. You should put a hat on Nacho while he’s in the back and a sign saying “Help, I’m going to a pig roast!”

    heee, Nacho was safely tucked away in a cardboard box. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t have a body-bagged piggie.

  2. We should talk… I smell plans of debauchery to be made…

    anytime, my dear, anytime! But considering how we fared in Rock Creek Park, we might have to do an “underground” roast. Nature is not our friend.

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