happy birthday to meeeee in 20 days

I looked at the calendar today and it hit me that my 30th bday is in 20 days. After my OMGWTFBBQIHAVEN’TDONEANYTHINGWITHMYLIFEOMGI’MSUCHALOSERQUICKGETMEAPAPERBAGTOBREATHINTO moment, I drank some coffee and was fine. Despite the occasional aforementioned moment, I’m quite content with my life. I do wish I had a bigger apartment so I could entertain more peeps (having a canvas door for the bathroom and a glass bathroom/kitchen wall makes for interesting times), but my Lair is purrfect from me and Nutsak, the One-Eyed Wonder Cat.

No Sangria Left Behind is in 18 (!!!!!!!!!!) days and my actual 30th bday will be spent splashing happily in the bottom of a bottle(s) of sangria.  UnclePithy is officially joining me and MommaPithy which means any hope I had of planting my flag w/ a Spanish hottie just became a FAIL. The man might be 4’11 but he has a death glare that would make a Marine pause.  (maybe I should call him TioTiny…hmm) Granted my chances for riding a Barcelona BaloneyPony were never that great to begin since MommaPithy and I are sharing a room,  but now they’re really fucked. Or not. Bright side is I will have TONS of blog fodder.

Since my bday will be in Barcelona, my bday here in DC has yet to be planned. I’ve got the weekend pretty much narrowed down, but that’s it. I have no clue where to go or what to do.  Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

At one point, Le Coache and I had thought of recreating the dinner party scene from Chocolat, but after a while I kiboshed that since it was getting a wee bit pricey.  Part of me wants to say “fuck it all, let’s just go back to Chi Cha Lounge” but that’s where last years bday was and I really want my 30th to stand out a lil. I’m undecided if I should go to a fave but pricey (to me cuz I’m broke)  restaurant, Mie N Yu or go with an more exotic flair with one of the Marrakesh restaurants that I haven’t been to and am sorta confused as to which one is better or maybe I should go to Zaytinya or Jaleo? Gah!

I want to end the night at a bar, preferably of a dive nature as  I want my celebration to be exotic elegance with a hint of trashy, just like me! At some point I’d like dancing to be squeezed in as well.

So interwebz, I ask for your help. Restaurant suggestions, bar suggestions, party ideas, anything!

Am I over thinking this? Maybe.  Am I expecting too much for a bday celebration? Maybe. But let’s face it —  my boobs won’t always be this awesome and we need to party while their awesomeness is still located in their original location and not sagging around my knees.


~ by pithycomments on May 7, 2009.

One Response to “happy birthday to meeeee in 20 days”

  1. For the end of the night, you really can’t go wrong with the Big Hunt (plus it’s just fun to say that name). I’d be OK for a stop by the Citron, if only for the wind machine (tho your BD last year there was “memorable”).

    Can I request that your new bachelor pad come w/ a wind machine? It’s what Barney would do!

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