LU, I’d really like my money back

It’s no secret that I fucking hate Liberty University and all it stands for. The day it goes bankrupt and belly-up, I will be toasting its demise by the light of a bonfire especially made for burning my degree.  When MommaPithy called me to tell me that Jerry Fatwell had croaked, I laughed. The day I learned that Newt Gingrich was going to be the commencement speaker for graduation was the day the diploma was yanked off my wall and shoved under my bed, never to be seen again.

While I do visit LynchBore several times a year (Cinco de Mayo piggie roast bitches!!), I do so for Chihuahua and no one or nothing else. I had 3 professors that I absolutely adored and try to visit when I’m there, and my best friendships were formed at that school, but that’s where it ends.  Liberty University was a waste of my money, my time and my efforts.  Period.  That “Christian” university is the main reason, I have v. little to do w/ Christianity today.  It was and still is the single most worst example of  the love and forgiveness they supposedly believe in.

So today, when I checked my Facebook think moring, mid-toothbrushing, I nearly gagged. A random acquittance had posted some pics of the insipid little twat, Miss California’s recent visit to HellU where she spoke the to student body during one of  the weekly mandatory Convocation/church/brainwashing service. The comments on the Facebook pics were even more nauseating as they yapped on about what a “brave and courageous” example she set.  These same people who are soooo proud of Miss Twatifornia are the same ones that would criticize parts of the pageant as being indecent and ungodly.  Way to stick to your “Christian” principals.

I honestly shouldn’t be so surprised at the hypocrisy. This is same school that would kick out a chicky if she became pregnant, but would give full-rides to the knocked up chickys that came to Fatwell’s church-sponsored home for unwed baby mommas and adoption agency.  Crap out a kid, and git edjimicated for free, Hallelujah!

I try to forget that Liberty ever happened to me, and for the most part I’m successful. And then I see shit like that and it reminds me that part of my outstanding balance for Sallie Mae is due to these asshats and in a small way I helped fund this shit.  Here’s hoping my yapping can dissuade just one person from ever going to school there. Then I won’t feel so bad about  those loan payments. Or be tempted to knock out one of  columns of the DeMoss Center and take it home.

Saturday’s Baptist wedding/mini-LU reunion is gonna be sooo much fun!


~ by pithycomments on April 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “LU, I’d really like my money back”

  1. now that sounds like a disastrous place

    It’s a shit show.

  2. Please tell me you will read this guy’s book.

    hee, I already own it! As soon as I get Barcelona planned out, I’m reading this and probably posting a review. His video for the book is hysterical. It’s like an outsider that finally gets all the jokes we make.

  3. I get wanting to forget things like this…I have a question though: how to you explain LU to people you meet? Employers? Not that you have to justify your decisions, but just curious.

    Employers have never really questioned me about it and generally when new peeps asked I go with a vague “I went to school in Virginia” response. Most of the time when LU comes up, I already have a drink in one hand and ciggie in the other and my girls are on display, so peeps figure out that I wasn’t the typical student.

    I’ll have to do a post explaining why Liberty was actually a much more preferable choice to my other options. That’ll be a fun one!

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