I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more KBell

Ok, so I’ve got plenty to tell you peeps, as I sit on my couch waiting for Wisconsin Ave. to get cleared off so I can go to work. My first attempt ended w/ me  saying “fuck it” when a delivery truck started fishtailing ahead of me as I drifted towards the sidewalk. I don’t like my job enough to be a stain on the Beltway, sorry Flippers.

So on Saturday, Flippy, DRKaterTot (tm LiLu, I think) and I met up for the advanced screening of Fanboys, starring the one and only Kristen Bell. While I am not the same level of stalker fan that those 3 are ( bedazzled drool buckets and extra panties were advised for them), I do love me some KBell and have been looking forward to this movie for months. I was not disappointed.

After a lunch that included random shimmying by DR and my boobs ending up on yet another cell phone pic, we headed to Union Station’s theater. It’s an older theater that seems a lil rundown looking. Maybe the sketch look is what they were going for? Before the movie all 4 of us headed straight to the ladies room and once we all were in our stalls, it was discovered that only one of us had toilet paper: moi! It was a very “can you spare a square” moment. I waddled out of my stall, holding my pants up w/ one hand as I delivered TP to the outstretched hands under the stall doors.

All sketchiness and lack of toilet paper aside, Union Station’s theatre has some of the best seats ever. Soft, black leather-ish seats that rock back and forth, which is helpful when a full-on cackle is in progress.Which was often.

Fanboys is made of awesome. I was laughing pretty much non-stop for 2 hours. While Flippy and DR have gotten used to my cackle, poor KaterTot got a crash course. Thankfully, she thought it was funny.

The premise of Fanboys is simple: 6 months before the premier of Phantom Menace, 3 friends (all lifelong nerds) decide to go to Skywalker Ranch and steal the rough cut for their dying friend who isn’t expected to live long enough to see the movie. All 4 guys embark on a last hurrah type road trip to California to reach their holy grail. Along the way hi-jinks ensure, like a detour to the birthplace of Capt. James T. Kirk for some Trekkie (the preferred term is Trekker, thankyouverymuch) bashing, Texas for some Internet love gone so very wrong,  a lil’ peyote in the desert and on it goes. Seth Rogan’s multiple cameos are hysterical and he’s pretty much unrecognizable in one.

I didn’t really watch all the Star Wars movies until my senior year in college. I vaguely remember seeing parts of them as a wee tyke, b/c I wanted my own R2D2, but that’s about it.  I’m sure I missed some of the jokes in Fanboys due to my lack on Star Wars knowledge, but you really don’t have to be a nerd to find this movie funny. I’m sure I would have loved it 10 times more had I been familiar w/ the lingo and the characters. But really,  seeing 2 nerds having a verbal fight to the death about Luke kissing Leia was hysterical if only b/c of how absolutely invested they were in the topic.

At first it seemed that Kristen Bell wouldn’t be in the movie as much as her crazed groupies dedicated fangirls would like. Thankfully she reappeared halfway thru the movie, and for those suffering from Veronica Mars withdrawal, she does some mini-spying. Also, she’s a brunette in this movie and while it’s impossible for her to look anything other than awesome, I’m not sure how I liked her as a brunette. As always, her snarkalicious awesomeness shines through. She’s just as much as a SW fan as the boys, but isn’t nearly as nerdy.

I will say that Flippy, DR and KaterTot all behaved very well. At no point did I have to coax them down from licking the screen, which I was fully prepared and expecting to do.

So go, take your favorite nerd and go see Fanboys!! Just remember to take your own toilet paper if you go to Union Station.


~ by pithycomments on March 2, 2009.

7 Responses to “I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more KBell”

  1. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

  2. I was at the 11:50 showing at Union Station. Loved it. Especially Kristen Bell in Slave Leia costume.

    is that your lucky R2 in your pocket???

  3. The only thing better than more K-bell is your title.


  4. I demand a nickname for when you link to me after we hang out this weekend! Make it good!

    Yessum, me and the Flippers will put our thinking caps on!

  5. No … my lucky lightsaber is …

  6. Wait a minute… if I saw Fanboys, I sure don’t remember a second of it…

    heee, I should have clarified. I meant that you were responsible for the nickname of KaterTot.

  7. “I will say that Flippy, DR and KaterTot all behaved very well. At no point did I have to coax them down from licking the screen, which I was fully prepared and expecting to do.”

    I was on my best behavior. Now this Friday? All bets are off.

    Also, Katertot came from college and LiLu and Restaurant Refugee preempted it. It’s spreading like gangbusters.

    are you licking the screen for Lee or Kara? Maybe I should bring a supersoaker for when you can’t contain yourself?

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