Starting my Thanksgiving din-din countdown

Lately I’ve been on a food blog kick, scouring the  for interwebz healthy/easy/yummy recipes. Today the Endless Simmer provided me w/ a  food-gasm.  While Thanksgiving might be 273 days away, Consuela, the Fry Goddess just found a lil’ something that is totally going on the menu this year. (RIP  CritterFritters)

Sodolak's Chicken Fried Bacon

Sodolak's Chicken Fried Bacon

Yup, that’s  bacon. Bacon that has been battered and deep fried, with some tasty, tasty country/sausage gravy for dipping.  You know you want some.

Deep-frying a turkey might be out of the question this year (pussies), but dagnabit,  I’m gonna deep-fry us some bacon.  And some pumpkin pie. And empanadas.



~ by pithycomments on February 25, 2009.

12 Responses to “Starting my Thanksgiving din-din countdown”

  1. You should send that picture to This is Why You’re Fat. Oh wait, they might have already posted that picture.

    I’m sure someone has beat me to that already, but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Oh god with a side of ranch.

    DO WANT.

    I know!! Maybe when you come out here, we can whip up a batch.

  3. I am spending Thanksgiving at your place.

    Party at Pithy’s!!

  4. Did I send you my quiche recipe? It’s easy and GOOD.

    No. 😦 Clicky, clicky the send button, please!

  5. *swoon*

    *waves bacon under LiLu’s nose*

  6. Why is it that everything deep-fried looks so damn delicious???

  7. oh wooooooooooow. YUM.

  8. […] pithycomments put an intriguing blog post on Starting my bThanksgiving/b din-din countdown « DC is my ManhattanHere’s a quick excerptLately I’ve been on a food blog kick, scouring the for interwebz healthy/easy/yummy brecipes/b. Today the Endless Simmer provided me w/ a food-gasm. While bThanksgiving/b might be 273 days away, Consuela, the Fry Goddess just found a lil’ b…/b […]

  9. Fried, little goodies are the BEST. One of my favorites is fried Lobster-of course I own a home fryer and use lots of rice bran oil cause it’s so great. Also, fried turkey is unmatched. We never cook one is the oven anymore!!!

    I’ve never heard of rice bran oil. Is it healthier?

  10. Deep fried bacon! Umm, yes please!

    It’s impossible to say no

  11. HOLY JESUS. I’ve found heaven.

    Upon entering the Pearly Gates, you’re given your own Fry Daddy

  12. Rice Oil is very healthy-it has more antioxidants and vitamin E than olive and canola, peanut and grapeseed. It has a smoke point of 490-higher than every oil except avocado. There is a lot of health info on the internet-check it out!!

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