RIP liver

Between hanging w/ bloggers and our newly adopted Maryland “cousins” (aka The Great White Hunter and SirJumpsALot), my liver has gone thru a beating.

Friday night’s bloggy meet up  was awesomeness, even though we were utilizing the outdoor bar part of Marvin’s. At night. In February. In DC.  Thankfully after a few drinks,  I felt so good that the weather didn’t matter, though my girls weren’t as social as they usually are.

Some highlights:

Florida trashtalking w/ JP (pretty sure I was petting his friend’s head at some point)

Colombia vs. Argentina trashtalking w/ Arjewtino

Encouraging Flippy to pop her Jumbo Slice cherry w/ I-66

Discussing upkeep of the lady bits w/ Deutlich

Drunkenly eating Jumbo Slice for the first time in ages

Being in the Cab of Fabulousness w/ Maxie, Katherine and Flippy en route for more drinky-drink

Meeting Bionic Kitty and her counterpart

Impromptu slumber party at Katherine’s

In all, a fun night w/  some awesome peeps! Now if you’ll excuse me, my liver needs to rehab before St. Paddy’s Day.


~ by pithycomments on February 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “RIP liver”

  1. Consider this conditioning.

    like training for a 5k, only fun!

  2. why did i leave… whyyyyyyy

    s’ok. It won’t happen again, will it Maxie???

  3. Is it wrong that after looking at all those pics, I want ANOTHER jumbo slice?

    no, b/c I was wanting one when I was uploading them

  4. Can’t wait for next time… your liver called and told me she can’t either!

    That drunk-dialing bitch!

  5. Yea, I need to wring my liver out for a bit. I had a blast though.

    Tell your liver to get used to it. We party hard up here.

  6. i will make it to a dc happy hour – I WILL.

    Yes, we can! Yes, we can!!

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