not obsessed, merely passionate

‘Sup bitches??

Sorry about the silence here. I’ve been hacking up my lungs the past 2 weeks, thanks to a loverly lil cold.  I’m finally better, but I still sound like I’ve been smoking Marlboro Reds for 50 years. Sexxxay.

Anyhoodles, as Flippy stated (and totally stole my thunder, that bitch), work has been kinda busy, school has friggin’ delightful (debt and no social life, FTW) and I’ve been a sicky poo.  But! I will be dragging my ass out to the Bloggy Happy Hour that’s happening this Friday!!

When I haven’t been dying, I’ve  been furthering my TV on DVD addiction. Most recent addition: Due South: Ultimate Collection.

My first TV boyfriends were def. Michael Knight (I am so ashamed now) and MacGyver (he’s the reason I really want a Jeep, 20 years later), but my first TV addictions were SeaQuest DSV, Due South and The Magnificent Seven.

MommaPithy HATED SeaQuest b/c it was sci-fi and “prrrrromoteed ebolucacion.”  I just thought the show was cool and reminded me that marine biology would be cool to study if it weren’t for the math thing. After the first season  SeaQuest was forbidden and Pithy had to get creative. Enter the Wednesday Night Board Game Night!!!

Every Wednesday, I would hustle the fam into the kitchen where we would sit around the table and play Monopoly or Uno for an hour. In the living room, I had the VCR programmed to tape  and the lights on the front of the VCR ever so slightly covered w/  a magazine.  I kept Game Night! up until they killed off my favorite hottie in the 3rd season.

Looking back, I’m not entirely sure that I have MommaPithy fooled when it came to the secret taping, but there’s a good chance that I did.

Due South was MommaPithy approved, since there was no ebolucacion or aliens. And I think she had a lil something for the Mountie (“Ees so que-oote”), so  I was able to watch and tape this show freely. Much like most of the shows that I really heart (I’m the black widow of TV shows), it was yanked way too soon, but it  made me realize that big dogs are waaaaay cooler than the incontinent cocker spaniels we owned.  I still want a Husky so I can name him Diefenbaker.  The show also had some pretty cool music, which delighted my Southern-Gospel-only ears.

Mag 7 again was MommaPithy approved. Only now we finally had the Internet at our house (MommaPithy fought this development like she fought cable TV, but for once my dad grew a set and disagreed w/ her and we had the best dial-up those free trials CDs of AOL could provide. Please note that now MommaPithy now has a raging DirecTV addiction, along w/ her Facebookage) so I could find other fans of the show online. I totally popped my fandom cherry discussing whether the show would ship Larabee and Mary. (I can hear you calling me a dork, Flippy).

I missed most of the second (and final) season of Mag7 thanks to freshman year at the delightful Christian institution of not-so-higher learning. No TV allowed. Ever. But, MommaPithy knowing how much I liked the show and suffering from empty nest taped the show for me.  I held on to those tapes forever. Pretty sure the tapes are still somewhere in my old room back in Florida.

So there you have it…proof that I’ve been obsessed with heartily enjoyed TV since childhood.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a package to track.


~ by pithycomments on February 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “not obsessed, merely passionate”

  1. OMG. Seaquest! The talking dolphin and that guy was so hot! But I heard he committed suicide years later?

    • yeah, Jonathan Brandis killed himself a few years ago. He wasn’t the hottie I was lusting after though. I was all about Lt. Brody. Crap, now I’m going to want to add this to the ever-growing Netflix q

  2. ugggh, no tv ever?! i’d DIE!

    i think my current tv addiciton has to do with the fact that my parents wouldn’t allow me to watch tv on school nights during elementary school.

  3. I’m glad you’re coming on friday! see you there!!!

    sorry i didn’t text you last thursday after the spa thing… by time it was over i was way too far gone to operate my phone haha

  4. Aww, I’ll miss you tomorrow! We need to plan something else soon…

  5. @dmb: Nope, 2 semesters of no TV. We were allowed to watch the news, but they edited out anything that might be unclean. Like commercials and news stories about viagra.

    @maxie: no worries about last week. I was still Hacky McCoughington so I couldn’t have gone anyway

    @LiLu: You and B are totally busting out that new lube instead of going to the happy hour, I know. 😉

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