5 Senses Shopping List

So 20-something bloggers has this lil’ monthly carnival o’ blogging and this month I finally remembered/didn’t get distracte…ooo, a kitteh!!

One of the themes for month is is wishlist of items for your senses.  I do love me some shopping, even it’s imaginary/window shopping, so here goes.


My ass shimmying around in these pants!


Melodia Designs Sash Pants

I have lusted over Melodia Designs‘ pants since I started belly dancing. But at $80 a pair, that’s kinda pricey for this lil’ dancer. I keep telling myself that when get to my goal weight, I’ll reward myself with these babies, but that hasn’t happened yet. Probably because of…


While I can cook pretty well there are somethings that just don’t taste like the original, especially when it comes to Colombian foods.  And the one thing that I HAVE to  when I go to the Motherland is the bread.

pan de yuca, pan de bono and bunelos

pan de yuca, pan de bono and bunelos

Meet the reason my ass is size of a bus.  These Evil!Noms are sooooo yummy. I’ve made them, but nothing is like sitting at a cafe in Medellin with a warm pan de yuca in your hand.  Add some Cafe con Leche, and I’m your bitch for a month.



Chanel Allure Sensuelle is my absolute favorite perfume ever.  I only wear when going somewhere nice or when I want to feel extra pretty.


A henna-inspired tattoo from Jinx Proof. Take this basic designhenna-tattoo1

and add Susan Behney-Doyle’s henna tattoo designings and you have the tattoo I’ve been dreaming about for 3 years.  I think the design is based after something called the Star of Maghreb. I once had the name of the design, but have since lost it. The name is important b/c I want to do plenty of research to make sure it’s not a freakin’ fertility symbol. That’s the last thing I want permanently inked on my lower abs.  It’s like giving a green light to those fucking lil’ spermies.  If anyone knows the history of the Star of Maghreb (or something similar sounding)  please let me know!


Tickets  for these boys in concert:


Rage Against the Machine pic from http://www.laist.com


~ by pithycomments on December 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “5 Senses Shopping List”

  1. I LOVE that tattoo design. We’re going to get you branded soon.

  2. […] already have the body placement (lower ab/hip-ish area), design,  artist and shop picked out.  I’ve researched my design and so far have not found any links to fertility, satanic, […]

  3. SIGHT-LOVE those pants!
    SMELL-sounds nice!I like vanilla, honeysuckle,or my fiancee’s request- rose water!(He knew a woman- a friend of mine, now- who wore subtle, rose-scented toiletries that enchanted and drove him wild! Rose scent WORKS for ME/US/HIM now, too- and I’M the one he adores and is faithful to, not anyone else! He loves MY choices, too-AND he’s learning from the Trisha Yearwood song, “My Baby Loves Me Just The Way That I Am”! When you’re CARED about, shared with- now, THAT’S love!!!

  4. I forgot to finish1
    TOUCH- I don’t like tattoos, but that’s a very nice design, and I like the henna! I’d even consider a temp. tatt of this design!
    SOUND- an intriguing sound, although I’d rather hear,say, Tears For Fears- different, admittedly! The Four Tops forever!

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