Facebook ban makes bunneh cry…and spel bda

We’re currently into day 2 of Facebook withdrawal. Thanks to a nasty lil’ computer STD, transmitted via Facebook that gave several computers a burning sensation “down there”, using the FB is a no-no at work.

For the most part I haven’t missed it too much. I still have Twitter and Flippy and I haven’t played Scrabulous in ages, so it’s not like I’m missing something vital.

Life without FB has given me time to make a fool of myself entertain certain co-workers. Sending  vital clips of SuperPretty’s Teddy Bear Suicide and/or rehymenation, sharing the quirky mindfuck that is Farscape,  updating my “lexicon” page and blogroll, finding pics of teh pretteh on TWoP’s Motivational Posters thread, and in one unfortunate incident, giving one of my favorite shows a new nickname.   I was IM-ing the Coach about the hotness that is Sylar while sending her this pic as proof: disturbingh2

Coach: who is that?
Coach: he looks like the temp from The Office
Coach: is this a foul joke that I don’t get?
Pithy:  sylar from herpes
Pithy: he’s eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil
Pithy: and hoooooooooooooot
Coach: from what? herpes?

Dear Sylar,

I’m veryveryvery sorry about that. Please don’t take my brain.




~ by pithycomments on December 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Facebook ban makes bunneh cry…and spel bda”

  1. what a difference a little letter makes…Herpes, Heroes, whateva’!

  2. I would do very naughty thinks to Gabrielle if ever given the opportunity.

  3. Unfortunately I’ve NEVER had access to facebook in work. Likewise myspace, blogger, 20sb and so on . . . it hurts. A lot. I hope you get it back. 🙂

  4. TWO days without Facebook? I go crazy when I go two days without my RSS Reader.

    Be brave. I have faith in you.

  5. I could go without facebook but not google reader… or gmail. I’d have to jump off a bridge.

  6. Evil and hot, INDEED. One of my gfs is dating a guy who looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM. No joke. And my bf looks a helluva lot like Peter… it’s really weird watching them when they hang out together! I’m like, could one of you just telekinesis something for me? Pleeeease?

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