Farscape is frelling pricey

I try and avoid Amazon.com as much as possible. Bad things happen when I go there. Really bad things. So when DR informed me this morning that Amazon.com had my Gilmore Girls on sale this morning, I made a boo-boo: I clicked the link.

While I have all 7 seasons of my precious, some of my awesome-r friends are still filling out their collection, so I thought I could get in and get out with minimal damage. I was so wrong. Thoughts started piling in my head like “ooh, I wonder if SuperPretty is on sale”, and “Two seasons of Dark Angel…sweet!” This lead to checking in on Alias which meandered to searching for Farscape.

As part of my slow emergence from the geek closet,  I must confess my absolute adoration for this show. Farscape was quirky, trippy, wonderfully written,  had plenty of eye candy and was gone far too soon. Damn you Sci-Fi!!

After several years of waiting (grad school distracted me for a while) for the prices to drop to slightly  more affordable levels (4 seasons x 80$ (if you’re lucky) = a number that is probably really high) it seems I missed the sale boat, if there ever was one. Now my beloved Farscape had been, to quote Amazon.com, “discontinued by the manufacturer.”


And to add to my frustration, it seems that the  plush DRDs and plush Rygels are still being made, but not the DVDs. What the frell?!?!


~ by pithycomments on November 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Farscape is frelling pricey”

  1. Check out eBay… $10-15 cheaper on average, per season…

  2. TV on DVD– why are they so damn expensive?! I’ve gotten to where I just watch the stuff online instead of buying.

  3. There’s also the burning option… Get a burning software, rent the DVDs and ta da! Your own copy. Not that I am publicly endorsing piracy or anything…

  4. @ Sherpa: Tried that, and it was still a FAIL for my wallet

    @ Maxie: I can’t get into watching stuff online. It’s just not the same to me.

    @ kjohnsonesq: ahem…this option *might* have been attempted on numerous occasions but was unsuccessful due to owning a Mac and not being that smart. Not that I’m publicly admitting or endorsing anything. Just say NO boys and girls!!

  5. I love Farscape and Gilmore Girls!! I have all the seasons of GG, too (there’s a set of all 7 seasons in a cool little suitcase for only like $200 CAD), but I only have the last 3 of Farscape. But I know what you mean, Farscape is INSANELY expensive!!! Seriously, it’s like a small fortune!! I bought them from Amazon.ca. They’re cheaper on Amazon.com, but they don’t ship here… I don’t know where you live, but if you’ve got a region-free DVD player, you can buy them from somewhere like Australia for only $50 each… I got mine for an average of $115 each, which is expensive, but pretty good for Farscape from farscapecanada.com (she sells through Amazon, though, for the most part).

    Between ebay and amazon I’ve been able to get almost all the seasons. Season 1 is horribly overpriced. Though as soon as I finish my collection I’m sure they will re-release them at a lower price.

  6. […] possess ye your Farscape About a year ago, I wrote about my love for the quirky sci-fi show, Farscape. Along with Gilmore Girls, this is one of my most pimped shows […]

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