Deep-fried for your health

In preparation for this weekend’s Thanksgiving potluck, I’ve been doing some Food Networking for additions to my fare. I’m already making my beloved salsa, gandules con coco and MommaPithy’s Candied Yams. That’s more than enough I know, but since I’m going to be cooking, I thought a lil’ visit to the Food Network site would be in order just to see what was there.

After clicking past the veggie dishes, I went straight to the desserts and then somehow rabbit trailed to this:

Paula Dean's Deep-Fried Cranberry Sauce Fritters

Paula Deens Deep Fried Cranberry Sauce Fritters

I’m generally not a fan of Southern cooking, but when it comes to  the Holidays, it’s like my latent Southern food gene kicks in.  I want sweet tea, ham biscuits, chicken ‘n dumplings and now, deep fried anything. If we could get our hands on a turkey fryer for this weekend, I would be in fried turkey heaven. (I’ll ignore that disastrous scene in Gilmore Girls where Jackson deep fries Sookie’s turkey and then proceeds to deep fry everything)

And then today, as I’m innocently working, my Google Reader alerts me to a post from DCist:

Deep Fried Pumpkin Pies

Deep Fried Pumpkin Pies

Could anything be better??


~ by pithycomments on November 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Deep-fried for your health”

  1. OH you are a GENIUS!!! I’m heading to the bf’s parents’ next week for Thanksgiving and didn’t know what to make… these are perfect!

  2. ummmmm only paula dean! that looks fabulous.

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