Queen of the 4-day work week

I need to slack more. Today I found out that I need to take a weeks’ worth of vacay between now and Dec. 31st, but make sure it’s not on a day that more than one person is out, preferably not a Monday, and no rolling over this much time to next year. Wheeee!!!

So starting November, I will become queen of the 4-day work week with the occasional long weekend thrown in for good measure. And as I am saving up for next year’s vacay (Barcelona!!) I really can’t do anything, which is why I didn’t take any vacay time to begin with.  And of course since this whole transaction involves numbers, I am thoroughly confused.

I’ve never had this issue. My previous jobs’ method of accruing time off was to have you  work for a year and then become eligible for paid time off  by then working for another year to build up paid time off provided you didn’t take ANY time off during that second year. Then after 2 years you could take a week off.  Doctor’s visit? Oops, coming out of your time bank. Migraine? Buh-bye vacay.  Bronchitis due to the mold in the office? Sorry our crappy work environment makes you ill and you now will not be able to escape us for another year. Of course I could always take the sick time without pay, which didn’t help with making me feel any better.  Or to be able to afford the meds which would facilitate the return to work.

Needless to say, the only time I had any vacation time was when I was in between crappy insurance jobs (how could I ever leave w/ such delightful benefits)  And that time off wasn’t exactly enjoyable since I was unemployed and trying to find my next hopefully-not-insurance job.

So now I have plenty of time to catch up on the Winchester boys, Buffy, finish my summer reading list, become re-acquainted with the gym and make salsa.

I’m gonna be so bored…


~ by pithycomments on October 22, 2008.

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