Kitteh Date — Fail

Occasionally I wonder why I’m still single. After Friday night, I think I have a firmer grasp on the reasons why.

It started innocently enough with realization that on a Friday night, that my CAT had a date and I didn’t. That smarted a bit.  (reason #1)

Then as I attempting to make Rice Krispy treats (more on that cat-astrohpe later) I Tweeted  so our West Toasty Peeps could follow along with our night. Below please find reason #2:

pithycomments: getting ready for the Kitteh Date! Nutsack’s putting on his lucky underwear…hope Biz puts out castlemonkey @pithycomments no way. Biz is a lady
pithycomments @castlemonkey ah, but Nutsack got his paws on some good ‘nip. We’ll see how long that “lady” act lasts
@pithycomments kitteh date rape is uncool
pithycomments@castlemonkey ahem, my cat is not a rapist. He knows that No means No. Or that HisssRwaarrMrrreeeoooow means No
To all of you kitteh breeding weirdos…ewwww
@pithycomments but what if she HisssRwaarrMrrreeeoooow’s while sticking her butt in the air and wiggling?
@iampoem In that case, Game on!!
@impoem @pithycomments hey!! Nuff of that kinda talk. She’s a lady
- She knows just what to do, and how to please me. She’s a lady. Whoa, whoa, whoa. She’s a lady
Curious kitteh comes to the city–and becomes a REAL lady. Whoa whoa a lady.


I’ve tooted my own horn about my cooking abilities, but as I’ve commented, I can’t really make simple food. Instant mashed taters come out like soup, frying pancakes usually requires the fire dept to be on standby  and now I can add Rice Krispies to the list of “quick and easy” foods that I can fuck up.

Rice Yucky Treats

Rice Yucky Treats

I used chocolate marshmallows instead of regular. Don’t know if that’s why things didn’t mix well but the krispies soon became yuckies. Halfway through the mixing I gave up as things weren’t mixing as much as becoming a mega-sticky lump turning around in a bowl. (Reason #3)

Once Flippy, Dead Robin the Milk Dud and Biz arrived, Flips took over my kitchen to make a  yummy, vegan pumpkin cake. A yummy,  vegan pumpkin cake that I prompted dropped on the floor after trying to tinfoil it for baking.

Reason #4

Reason #4

At least we all got to lick the bowl.

After cleaning up the FAIL cake, we settled down to watch Heroes. Once Flippy got caught up (sniff, Ando) , it was Gilmore Girls time!!

I made sure that Flippy and DRMD’s wine glasses were filled and then popped in the carefully selected season 2 episode “Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy” where Jess makes his first angsty appearance. While not shirtless like he was in Heroes, Jess did sport a very snug thermal and a hoodie…both clothing items that Flippy is a fan of.

Both Flippy and DRMD laughed and seems to enjoy the episode. Seriously, how could you not??  Sadly, it seems my mission failed if this IM is any indication:

Pithy: sooo, did your opinion of gilmore girls change any?
Flippy: it was cute
Pithy: aaand?
Flippy: it’s good, but i don’t have any undying desire to keep watching…?
Flippy: don’t hurt me


The ep of GG didn’t have Dean and the promise of the Pretty Padalecki was the only way Milk Dud would willingly watch Gilmore, so after we were done visiting Stars Hollow, we moved on to SuperPretty’s awesome Monster Movie ep. The Winchester boys in color: hot. The Winchester boys in B&W: OMGWTFBBQ!!1!  levels of hot!  I have been re-hymenated.

While I failed to win Flippy over to the Gilmore, apparently I inadvertently won her over on SuperPretty:

Pithy: so what was your opinion of SuperPretty?
Flippy: i think that one’s pretty funny
Flippy: i would watch that one some more
Flippy: although not alone…
Flippy: in my house


Now, as we were watching TV and dropping food, the kittehs weren’t really interacting on their date. Initially a few hisses were exchanged and then Nutsack spent the rest of the night watching us from my bed while Biz stayed on the couch.  Determined that their date not be a Fail, we attempted a good night kiss.  (Reason #5).

Chief Smak-a-bitch from the Slapaho tribe.

Chief Smak-a-bitch from the Slapaho tribe.



~ by pithycomments on October 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Kitteh Date — Fail”

  1. Reason 6: We take lots of pictures and video of said kitteh date.
    Reason 7: We actually tried to make them kiss three or four times.
    Reason 8: We’ve told everyone we know about the kitteh fail.

  2. Sounds like a great Friday night in Washington, DC. You guys are……….neeeaaatttt 🙂

  3. How did nobody lose fingers?

  4. Oh, there was bloodshed. I forgot to attach the pic of Flippy bleeding out after the FAIL Cake cleanup.

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