Operation Gilmore Girls

My love of Gilmore Girls is well documented by all who know me.  My college journalism professor has told me on more than one occasion that she can’t watch an episode without thinking of me.  I’m quite vocal on the awesome-isity that is all things Gilmorean.

It was surprises me when I meet certain others that either haven’t watched or don’t like the Girls. Seriously?? How could you not love a show where the love of  coffee is practically character? Quirky characters, snappy dialog, yummy manflesh (except for Digger…he was… ugh) cool clothes, blatant caffeine addiction…what’s not to adore?  And I’m not the only one who lurves the Gilmore. Head on over to Television Without Pity or Who Invented Roses…they share  my love.

Just watch my favorite clip:

See? Awesomeness.

This weekend I am going to try out Operation Gilmore Girl on my girls. Flippy (complete w/ kitteh) and  Princess Dead Robin of MilkDudLandia are descending upon the Lair to for our KitteHeroes Nite!. The Kittehs get mani-pedis and we get caught up on S3 of Heroes.  Well, Flippy is getting caught up, Princess D.R.M.D. is going to sit pretty and not ask questions.  Or else.

Somehow, someway, probably after we’ve finished nomming (menu for the night: Pithy’s MoFo Salsa Verde, Fried Plantains, Cocoa Rice Krispie treats, pumpkinny goodness TBA and whatever else we think of), I’m going to sit those chickys down to watch some Gilmore Girls.

Since Flippy has a lust for Milo Ventimiglia, (and she got bored with Season 1)  I’m starting with S2 when Jess Marino first graces Stars Hollow w/ his crooked lil’ mouth.  Madame MilkDud likes SuperPretty, so she’ll get her dose of the Pretty Padalecki and if she behaves during Heroes, I’ll let her watch SuperPretty after Operation Gilmore Girl.

If this doesn’t work, I may have to get new friends.


Apparently the folks at TWOP are helping this Operation out with a blog comparing/contrasting Gilmore Girls and Gossip Sluts. While I don’t agree w/ their comparisons, this can only help me out since Flips and Duds totally xoxo Gossip Sluts.  Thanks for helping me fight the good fight, Tubey!


~ by pithycomments on October 16, 2008.

One Response to “Operation Gilmore Girls”

  1. Hello, my hero. I’ve done this before with Veronica Mars, but not GG. I wish you success. And I expect a full accounting afterwards.

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