Two debates ago, Flips and I descended upon the Crystal City Palace to play the FamousDC’s drinking game with the Princess while mocking dissecting the first debate.  Having a belly dancing Democrat, a dead robin Republican and an undecided midget provide color commentary for these things is somethings the networks should really consider…we are far more entertaining than Chris Matthews.

Post-debate we migrated from the thrilling analysis (re: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) to The Princess’ most recent entertainment purchase: the first season of the CW’s show, Supernatural.  Now waaay back in ’05 when Supernatural premiered I remember tuning in for one reason — Jared Padalecki from my beloved Gilmore Girls was in it.  While this was a sad sign that Rory and Dean probably wouldn’t be getting back together (again), Padalecki was too yummy not to watch in his new show.

At the 20 minute or so mark, someone popped on that screen that made me forget the original yummy reason I tuned in.

The SuperPretty Jensen Ackles.

The SuperPretty Jensen Ackles.

I’ll give you a moment to wipe the drool off your keyboard.

Jensen Ackles.  I distinctly recall Jensen being responsible for a dislocated jaw or two when I watched Dark Angel, but didn’t know he was on SuperPretty when I first watched it (and that was a sweet, sweet surprise when the Pretty appeared).

Here’s what I don’t get: I remember watching several eps of the first season but at some point I stopped watching. What the fuck was wrong with me that I stopped watching a show like this?!?!?

Between the Winchester brothers on SuperPretty and the Petrelli brothers on Heroes, my Tivo might melt from the hotness.

I’m trying to think back to what was going on in my life that I would have voluntarily given up an hour’s worth of hotties each week. It’s not like I get tasty morsels like the Winchester boys in my daily life on a regular basis. Or at all.  I spend the majority of my days in PG County, which is not known for it’s hotties. Murder and car jackings, yes, but hotties…not so much.

While I’m not the biggest fan of horror genre, in the gore vs. hotties war, hotties win, pants down. Especially with this show — hotties and Jensen’s character isn’t short on the snark. And as I told Flippy, I can relate a helluva lot more to the demons and other various Evil!Characters on SuperPretty than I can to the spoiled rich lil’ asswipes on GossipSluts.

Thanks to TWOP and online eps, I’ve been able to catch myself up for the most part and have almost talked myself out of buying all the SuperPretty DVDs. The Pretty has knocked the Glittery down a notch or 2 on my OMG, Mommy Want! List.

So on Thursday nights at 9 EST, don’t bother calling, texting,  IM-ing or Facebooking me. I don’t care if I’m your one phone call from the clink,  if I’m your lifeline on Who Wants to be On-a-show-that-no-one-watches-anymore, or if there is bloodshed and broken bones involved, I’m not answering.

Mommy’s busy. Very busy.


~ by pithycomments on October 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “SuperPretty”

  1. LOL, I coudln’t resist.. I bought season 2… maybe if you are lucky, I will even loan it to you…

  2. First, Gilmore Girls is seven kinds of awesome. Second, try Veronica Mars. Jason Dohring who plays Logan (yeah, another one of ’em), the obligatory psychotic jackass, is Hottie McHot personified. Especially in season three when you get to see his arms. Sigh. And I have all three seasons of VM should you need them.

  3. I really can’t handle all of that pretty. Please make it stop before my head explodes.

  4. @kjohnsonesq — YESSSSS. I heart Logan so much. Already lent Pithy the VM set. She’s not so much a die-hard fan. She actually prefers Duncan.

    P.S. You should watch Dawson’s Creek with Jensen Ackles as CJ — you’ll even catch a glimpse of Mr. Pacey, your favorite.

  5. @thisgirl: bish

    @ downbeats: The Pretty can’t be stopped. It’s a force of nature.

    @kjohnsonesq/Flippy: While I appreciate the Yummy Bicepy Goodness of VM’s Logan, for some reason I heart Duncan more. Odd, since me likey the bad boys. I was rooting for Logan at the end though.

    So, this Dullson’s Crik you speak of…don’t suppose you have the eps w/ Jensen in them????

    See Flippy?? Gilmore Girls = AWESOME. Fact.

  6. Was the Gilmore Goodness ever in doubt?
    @Flippy: Do we need to re-educate you?

    And Pithy, Duncan is a pansy. You lost some street cred on that one. I was all about Logan, from day one. Even during his Paris Hilton phase.

    Pacey is Sex on a Stick. I have all the episodes. My fandom is verging on scary.

  7. @kjohnsonesq: I know. I should totally heart Logan since I do like me a snarky bad boy. Duncan reminds me of some other TVBoyfriend that I can’t place, so maybe that’s where the lurve comes from.

    And yes, Flippy needs to be re-educated in regards to Gilmore Goodness. Lord knows I’ve tried. I’ve showed her funny quotes, re-enacted the Rory/coffee breakdown in the counselor’s office scene and even lent her my dvds. Which she said she “couldn’t get in to.” I may have to rethink our friendship.

  8. […] when Jess Marino first graces Stars Hollow w/ his crooked lil’ mouth.  Madame MilkDud likes SuperPretty, so she’ll get her dose of the Pretty Padalecki and if she behaves during Heroes, I’ll […]

  9. […] second clip of goodness comes courtesy of SuperPretty. Much like Katherine, I too have been in the geek closet.  Granted most of the shows I geek out […]

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