So I’ve been nominated/got tagged for the Honest Weblog Blogger thingy. Who Invented Roses got me as a form of revenge adoration.  And apparently this thing comes w/ rules, but no statuette. WTF?

Anyhoo, since my karma is fucked (expect a post on that soon), I’m not taking any chances. So here be the rules:

1. I have to blog about this honor and include the Nominator’s original link to moi.

2.  I have to choose as least 7 fellow bloggers to pass the love on. They are the new Honest Weblog whatevers and they have to pass it on.

3. I must then link to the 7 lucky ones in said blog and inform them of thier catching what I’m passing.

4. There’s something about including pics of said bloggers, but I’m saving my blackmail for a later date.

5.  The recipients have to pass this on or they’ll break a nail or something equally horrid.

So here are my bitches…Sorry if you no likey, but my bank is about to go belly up, so I need all the help I can get.

1. Flipflops in the Rain.

2. I hate so much…

3. Sweats in the City

4. surviving myself

5. Capitol Hill 20210

6. Unthreaded

7. cleveland’s a plum

I’m pretty sure that I’m supposed to write up a lil something about each blogger, but the creative juices are running on empty today. Rest assured all are awesome, otherwise I wouldn’t have tagged them.


~ by pithycomments on September 29, 2008.

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