On your mark, set, CRAWL!!

Once upon a time, I had an out of body experience and somehow agreed to participate in a 5k race crawl. All spring and summer I was able to artfully dodge various 5k races that Coachie had been able to find, but finally one came up that no amount of squirming would get me out of: The National Press Club 5K Run/Walk.

With our company footing the registration fees, there really was no excuse that I could use, but trust me, I tried to think up a couple (I do have a belly dance class tonight, so a tragic shimmy accident could always sideline me for Saturday).  At the very least, Flippy, the Princess and Coachie will be suffering with me. Ok, Coachie won’t be suffering, but the rest of us will.

I don’t have much hope for a great performance this weekend. Coachie and I did a practice 5k last Sunday, and I’m still sore.  I also discovered that the my 3 miles on an elliptical are a joke. Halfway through our first lap, a random butt/back muscles (I don’t know, I only paid attention to the reproductive systems in health class) woke up and started protesting very loudly about the inhumane treatment. It’s still protesting, which makes bellydancing and any other sort of movement a joy.

Coachie is also convinced that something called “adrenaline” will kick in during the Crawl and thus propel me further and faster in the race. I am convinced that something called “morning and lack of caffeine” will kick in and cause massive crankiness that may or may not be the reason that my fellow 5k-ers are pushed into oncoming traffic as stomp my way to the finish line in hopes of  a caressing a mug filled with sweet, sweet caffeine.

I’m warning you now: if there’s a Starbucks anywhere near the finish line, get between me and my pumpkin spice latte  and you will not live to see the pancake breakfast.


~ by pithycomments on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “On your mark, set, CRAWL!!”

  1. Earlier this year I promised myself that I would do a 5k in 2008. there is no way in hell that I’m going to make it. maybe next year, right?

  2. If I were there, I’d meet you on the sidelines every mile with a yummy starbucks treat and a smoke.

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