Blog Day you say??

Apparently it was the 4th annual Blog Day last Sunday. I had no clue  that I have even missed it until Monday when I saw that Maxie (thank you!!) gave me a shout out. Then on Tuesday my PRNewser Daily Feed from came in helpfully telling me that Blog Day was Sunday. (the actual headline said that “today” was Blog Day and linked to Sunday’s article about it, which made me feel better about getting dates mixed up).

Anyhoo, here’s my 5 blog contribution in alphabetical order:

Couch Cubicle

A yummy food/photo/snack blog. Reading her blog  has inspired me to try out healthier food combos for snacks. Today’s post has a recipe for making cold-brewed coffee. You know what I’m trying next!

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino

She likes cats. She likes wine. She likes snark.

Velvet in Dupont


Who Invented Roses

Another lover of the kittehs. Her sushi date post is what I send to friends when they ask about me doing online dating.

Your Beard is Good

One damn funny brownie. He also forgot Blog Day, but his story is better than sitting around watching Veronica Mars.

There ya go. You go read and I’ll go finish watching the ANTM season premiere.


~ by pithycomments on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “Blog Day you say??”

  1. Hello, Friend. Not only do I love you for giving a shout out to my blog, but you appear to like Veronica Mars and thus are automatically amazing.

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