Must see Tivo

Yay!!! The fall season of TV is back! Thanks to my be-yoo-tiful lil Tivo, for once I will not miss out on any vital eps of my favorite shows and the new shows that will hopefully last longer than my last relationship. Here’s a lil rundown of what is worthy of a Pithy Season Pass.

America’s Next Top Model

The bitches are back. Hands down this is my favorite show to eat dinner while watching. It’s like mocking the skinny bitches, bite after bite. This season Tyra adds the “twist” of having the first transgender model in the competition, but seasoned ANTM viewers will remember that Domanique was the first tranny model. Paulina said so!

Ugly Betty

Mark and Amanda, need I say more?? Their snarky lines, along w/ Wili’s make my black non-existent heart sing. Eric Mabius is easy on the eyes as well.


If my hunny Nathan is dead I will stop watching. OK, I won’t stop, but I will be bitter and bitchy and will turn to Peter for comfort. This will also be the first season that I watch in real time. The past two seasons haven been marathon sessions of hotness.


I haven’t seen any hotties in the previews, but J.J. Abrams has yet to let me down so I’ll def be watching, even if it does star some dude from Dawson’s Creek.

Knight Rider

Yes, the TV movie/pilot sucked. Yes, KITT without the voice of William Daniels is sacrilegious. Yes, that KITT is a Ford instead of a Trans Am is…there are no words for such a travesty. And yes, like a moth drawn to the flame, I’ll be watching this while remembering my love for my first TV boyfriend, Michael Knight.

Grey’s Anatomy

I boycotted during the retina-burning George/Izzie relationship. Since that ended, I can now resume watching and hoping that Izzie does get that brain tumor and will join Denny in haunting the hospital.

Private Practice

I lost interest last season mainly because I kept missing the show, but now that Hot!Dad! from the Gilmore Girls, David Sutcliffe has joined the show, I renewed my Season Pass.

The Office

PB&J! Any show that utilizes live raccoon as an office prank must be watched. Plus all the cool kids in my dept. watch it, so…

I watched the season premiere of Gossip Girl tonight, but not having watched the first season (yet, hint hint), it didn’t make any sense. I pretty much spent the entire hour trying to figure out if the Chuck character is supposed to be gay or not. Based on his outfits, I’m going w/ gay. Those were some truly horrid outfits. Someone should shoot his stylist and put us out of our misery.

Am I missing any hotties??


~ by pithycomments on September 1, 2008.

7 Responses to “Must see Tivo”

  1. Yes! to The Office, Grey’s, ANTM, and Private Practice.

    Tonight I watched Raising the Bar on TNT and I really liked it. It stars Mark Paul Gosselaar (zack from saved by the bell).

    I also watch stupid MTV and VH1 shows: The Hills, the new RW/RR Challenge that’s coming up sometime soon, and I’ll probably watch that stupid battle of the bands show on MTV thursday nights.

    I tried to watch Gossip Girl for the first time tonight and I just couldn’t get into it. It’s too hard to follow without the back story I think.

    I am a slave to my TV.


  3. um, who??

  4. That dude from Dawson’s Creek who’s on Fringe. Absolutely stoked to see it.

    Oh, and Maxie, MP Gosselaar was on Elliot in the Morning the other day. I heart him too. Viva la Zack Morris!

  5. Meh, never watched Dullson’s Creek. A lil too emo for me.

    Totally forgot about Zack’s new show. But I don’t think I’ll be able to think of him as anyone else but Zack. Wonder if Saved by the Bell is on DVD??? hmmmmm…

  6. It is! I own it….

  7. Always good calls (returning this month):
    30 rock
    Mad Men

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