World’s worst stay-cation.

The MummyPirate is gone!! No more ice-filled gloves, no more gauze, and no more head wrap. W00t!

Six days of being a hermit are gone, leaving behind some a slightly tender eye, a junk-food free apt and some eyebrows in serious need of a threading.

For six days I changed ice packs, got caught up on vital novela plots thanks to mum, learned that some cousin 80 times removed had died (RIP Gordo, Flaco, Jose or whatever the hell your name was. Still never figured out who exactly died), stressed about the near removal of the Cotton Swab of Doom, and ate very badly once the motherland returned to the land of flamingos.

Once I regained control of the TV, I learned that a Heroes season 2 marathon was coming. I missed all of season 2 thanks to school and no Tivo…t’was a dark time in my life. I geared up for my S2 marathon with a Season 1 marathon, since there is no such thing as too many hot boys on one show. (plus the HeroHotties happen to appear shirtless pretty often…yummy) The Pretty that is the Pasdar cannot be denied. (nor can The Pretty that is the Milo, the Sendhil or the Zachary)

Now, while sitting on the couch for 6 days might be awesome for some, I was bored.  I wasn’t sleeping well thanks to the ice wrap and having to constantly change the ice, I couldn’t go out for longer than 20 mins. without the ice wrap (not to mention that I constantly had ice wrap-hair), I wasn’t about to go out with the ice wrap, and I generally  felt like muumuu-wearing, Mallomar-eating Jerry Springer guest.  With an ice wrap. The Pretty that is the Pasdar can’t help that.

But it’s all done now. Yaaay!


~ by pithycomments on July 28, 2008.

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