Eye’m trying this again

Yeeeah…so, sorry about the disappearing act.  I had a delightful case of the mean reds and didn’t feel particularly chatty.  And now I shall be disappearing again as it is time to get my lil procedure done. Again.

This time I’m healthy-ish, with no hacking cough.  (Thanks Flippy!)

Anyhoo, have fun and I shall be back once the drug-induced haze fades.

Peace and love bitches.


~ by pithycomments on July 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Eye’m trying this again”

  1. i had the grumpy greens, but i’m a trooper.

    no disappear! every time you use the word “procedure” i think that you’re having a third breast installed, or third butt cheek… yeah that one’s a bit tougher.

    well if you have to go, good luck. take pictures if their gonna carve you up.

  2. you discovered my secret! I’m getting my 4th nipple removed. I’m keeping the 3rd one though…the boys seem to like it.

  3. Sorry to hear that a repeat of the, gulp, procedure is due. Hopefully the festivities of the following week will aid in your recovery? I’m looking forward to raising a glass with you. I’ll just know now not to read too much into your tearing up when we do.

  4. I also will not read too much into your girly screams of terror as I drive you guys to the boat. Oh, you didn’t know? I volunteered to be the Ferntucky Chauffeur. Just need to download a Facebook app for my phone so I can super!poke while I super!swerve. 😉

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