my 3 new boyfriends

I now have three new boyfriends. Granted I don’t think they know that they are my boyfriend(s) nor do I know how they feel about sharing me with the other, but it’s all good. We also haven’t technically met either, but details, smetails.

I met my new boos at the incredibly awesome Thievery Corporation concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion this weekend. Le Coachie, Gaysian and Ol’ Blue Eyes made our way to the outdoor venue and made it just in time after one u-turn and off-roading through the parking lot while following a golf cart in hopes that it would lead us to the promised land…the entrance.

After being violated at the alchy-stands (10 for a mojito? hijueputas), we plopped down on our blankets to listen to what we thought was a sound check, but was in fact the very subtle opening for Federico Abuele. (or Federi-fro as I like to call him.) His music is very chill, mostly in Spanish, and not as electronic as Thievery’s sound. His set wasn’t nearly long enough, especially since his band had boyfriend numero uno: the hot, tall, long and dark-haired, olive-skinned, ethnic-mix-looking, barefooted, bass player. I never got a full on look at his face as he was bopping around the stage and his long, dark hair was usually falling in his face. rrrrrwwwarrrrr.

After HottieBass, came Turntables on the Hudson (TOTH) and with TOTH came boyfriend numero dos: Nickodemus. TOTH, again, played too short of a set. Samba/salsa/hip-hop fusion with lounge/electronic beats, similar to Thievery, but more Latin-influenced rhythms. And Lil’ Nicky….sigh….tall, long, dark curly hair, olive-skinned and hint of ethnic yumminess about him. Double rrrrrrwwwwwaaarrrrr.

Following TOTH were Ladytron and TV on the Radio. Both had longer sets that Federico and TOTH, and were nowhere near the level of the previous acts. Ladytron began to grow on me after a bit, but that might have been the frozen margarita. Thankfully, halfway through the TV set, the clouds became ominous and the lawn peeps were ushered under the main tent, distracting us from the sucky set.

And then Thievery came out and brought not only boyfriend numero tres, but also had HottieBass in the band. Thievery was awesome as always and even had a belly dancer performing for certain songs, which drew testosterone-fueled cheers from the drunk males around us. The music was typical Thievery goodness and this chick rocked that sari (and everyone else) when she came out. The second coming of HottieBass afforded me a better view of his face and well, considering this was the view I had before, this view was a little bit of a let down since I had built up a diff version in my head. Still kinda rwaaarrrr.

As for bf numero tres, one half of Thievery, Eric Hilton (kinda like an older version of Eric Mabius from Ugly Betty), he really should have the number one ranking on the boyfriends-of-the-night list since I’ve hearted him since 2005 when I first started listening to Thievery. He breaks with my ethnic tastes, but he’s got the artsy-creative thing down with a heavy side of cultural open-mindedness. Rwwwaaaaarrrrr to infinity.

So, there you go. I went for the music but stayed for the hotties.


~ by pithycomments on June 30, 2008.

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