Pride, plucking and other sundry items

Another weekend of fun! Saturday was Baltimore Pride and since I had missed out on Capital Pride, I was determined to get my Pride on in Balty. Before heading to the Ghetto, I had some errands to run. I prowled around Rockville for some much needed car thingys and then to get much needed car thingys installed.

After getting stressed out on Friday afternoon (thanks Jiffy Lube on Nicholson Ln. ) I stopped by Ulta to look at some OPI nail polish colors I had been lusting over. Keyword in that sentence was look — at most I was going to buy one polish only. I left with 8. Oopsie. 🙂

Next morning, post-car thingys, I stopped by the completely wonderful store lucy. The Princess has been pimping this store for months, and we did stop by one last weekend, somewhere between a mojito and a margarita. It was awesome, but I was awesomely sweaty and didn’t really try on anything.

I was less sweaty this time and the lucy in Rockville had a very nice sale selection going on. I picked up some dance and workout pants and lusted after some cute tops.

After lucy, I popped over to L St. in the District to get my eyebrows threaded. I had been hunting and researching different places when I found very good review about Threads. I figure the Post can’t be wrong. Threads is seriously a hole in the wall place. Sandwiched in among outdoor cafes, you can easily walk past the sidewalk sign for the the palm reading psychic that has the Threads sign tucked underneath a crystal ball. Once you go up a flight of stairs you almost miss the 5×7 card on the door that announces you’ve found Threads.

Inside the bright yellow room are some Indian clothing for sale, some light refreshments and two salon chairs. The two little ladies that run the place do not waste their time. You’re in and out in no time and look much better than when you went it. This was my first time threading and I will so be back. Less ouchy than waxing and way more precise.

Post-threading I picked up the Coach and my friend Gay-sian and booked it to the Ghetto. (more like sat in traffic. BW parkway lived up to the park part) We arrived in Mount Vernon, picked up some libations and headed to a friend’s apt. to pick up the rest of our posse for parade watching. We were thisclose to actually being on a float in the parade, when a local bar owner who is friends w/ Senor S. invited us, but we were laded down w/ the beers.

The parade was fun and even though I wasn’t at Capitol Pride, I think Balty Pride does a better show of it. And yes, I did just say something positive about Baltimore. After the parade (which had some very yummy guys strutting about), the block party begins. Very fun. We mingled, saw too many dudes that should have had their shirts on and too many dudes that should have had their shirts off, got hit on by some lesbians (apparently my belly dancing in the street to random music is a turn on) and joy of joys, ran into Summer Fling. Thankfully he didn’t join our group and went on his merry way.

In between checking out the festival, we cooled off in a friends apt and watched a really bad movie on Sci-Fi about a giant squid in a lake that starred James Van Der Beek. The movie featured such scintillating dialog as “She’s playing you like the biggest fish that ever bit.” Poor Dawson.

Best thing about the weekend? My car was in Baltimore for an extended amount of time and still had all the windows intact when we left. Amazing!


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  1. But I juts found the $8 waxing place… where yes they cause immense pain but whatevs its $8! Plus I look good in pink eyeshadow

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