Tanned fat looks better

I have been surprisingly uber-healthy this week. Perhaps I am getting inspired by the Alkins diet rage that is sweeping the West Coast, but more likely I am working out some frustrations. Either way this week I have gone to both of my bellydance classes, done my 3-mile elliptical thang during lunch and hit the gym twice for weights and little more cardio.

I’ve also been eating healthier this week, which for me means no Cape Cod Chips and no vending machine visits. I’ve also resisting the offers of free pizza, free chick-fil-a, free bagels and whatever baked goodies are currently sitting on a co-workers desk.  My regular meals have been pretty healthy — salads, meat, veggies, low-carb pastas. Though, I must confess noshing on the occasional chocolate truffle  this week.

While I haven’t been this dedicated to the workout routine, I have been doing my bellydance classes and usually get one elliptical workout during the week.  I haven’t checked out the poundage on the scale, but I do think there is a teeny-tiny difference in certain areas.  I just don’t know if this is from the healthier
“lifestyle” I’ve been trying to maintain the past couple of months or from my tan.

My college Spanish teacher’s wife once told me that “Tanned fat looks better,” and that spunky Texan was right. No matter how much of me there was to lurve, it always looked better with a golden tint to it.  Now as I practice my bellydance moves, specifially the undulations and camels, I can see a teeny bit muscle movement that is foreign to me. I’m sure it has always been there, just smothered by my outer layer of love and thus hidden.

And when in class,  I can notice a bit of definition in the arms.  Very subtle and probably not noticeable to anyone else but me, but it’s there. Just gotta squint a bit.

Is it the tan? Is it really me?  Maybe it’s a combo of the two? I do know that I feel better and less bulky than when I had my delightful consult with Verne Troyer of Gold’s Gym.  Maybe it’s my summer confidence (I feel more like me in the summer than the winter), maybe it’s my improving my raqs sharqi skillz, or maybe the caffeine has fried my brain.

Either way, my tanned fat does look much better. 😉


~ by pithycomments on June 20, 2008.

One Response to “Tanned fat looks better”

  1. Of course tanned fat looks better- everything is better when its a nice golen color. True Story

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