I think I broke my belly

I am in some serious achy breaky pain right now. Last night in shimmy class we learned the full body undulation (mine does not look ANYTHING like the clip. Rachel Brice is just fucking amazing.) and the reverse full body undulation (starts in the lower abs and ends with you “putting your girls on a shelf”). Over and over we did these moves in class last night and it was far more of a workout than any of the crunches the Midget Gym Trainer tried to teach me. Suck it shorty!

My entire upper body is sore, from my shoulders to my lower abs, but I’m sitting at my desk wishing I could practice the moves without having the entire IT dept. watching me. Doing that move feels oddly good on the muscles.

In other, happier news: The vet called with Nutmeg’s test results and he is ok!! No feline HIV, no feline leukemia, nothing. Just a fucked up eye. w00t!!

Partial happy ending for once!

Update: Not gonna lie…I practiced some undulations in the break room, hiding behind the vending machine.  And I’m sorta regretting it now…that or the new Macaroni & Cheese Crackers.


~ by pithycomments on June 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “I think I broke my belly”

  1. OK, I think you just convinced me to look into belly dancing. Or at least to use the video you gave me (which actually has nothing to do with belly dancing…)

    I’m sooooo happy for Nutty Balls! Maybe he and my lil Bizzi Bear can have a play date to celebrate?

  2. Suuuure, let me pencil you and the Hizzi-bitch for the 5th of Nofuckingway.

  3. Hi! I can’t help but feel for you! Learning a new move always makes me sore! Especially if it’s something really cool and I keep on doing it over and over….belly dance uses a lot of muscles! And no, my undulations don’t look like Rachel Brice either! LOL

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