Odds and ends

I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t drowned myself in a vat of coffee, just haven’t felt very bloggy. Anyhoo.

As of my last post pre-hangover (which was a bitch of a hangover), my comida cravings were slightly filled 2 weeks ago at my birhtday dinner which was held at the awesomely yummy Chi Cha Lounge on U St. Yuquitas (fried yucca), arepas with steak, cheese-filled corn fritters, passionfruit mojitos and hookah smoking…it was all so yummy!

After the feast, we stumbled along to Cafe Citron in Dupont, where we entertained ourselves (and anyone watching us) with the very powerful air vent in the corner. Think wind machine, drunk people and cameras. It was like a photo shoot with booze. Very fun, though Flippy seems incapable of taking a normal photo (and by normal I mean not scrunching her face into a gargoyle-esque funny face) but she has guaranteed me both job security and future marketing items.

The day after Flippy, Hotness Macgillacutty and I went for some fun in the sun. I thought we were going to Macgillacutty’s mom’s pool and since I threw out my old swimsuit during one of my moving closet purges, I thought wearing a casual Happy Bunny tank top and old shorts would be fine. And if would have been if it had been her mom’s pool and NOT her mom’s country club’s pool. So while Flippy and Macgillacutty rocked thier bikinis, I looked like their hired help who was allowed to join in case they needed lotion application or fanning with a palm branch or grape peeling.

And then on Monday…Nutmeg had what looked like a funky eye thing going on. One eye was completely dilated while the other was normal. Not good. So, off to the vet we go. And hello glaucoma. Also, hello to a referral visit to the kitty ophthalmologist. Yes, they have such a thing, and it’s quite the lucrative business.

That visit revealed that, yes Nutmeg has glaucoma and a floating lens (which make my fuzzbutt look a little like Mad-Eye Moody) which they would like to remove for the bargain price of $2000. Fuck. Follow that with the vet saying that Nutmeg might have feline leukemia or feline HIV. Fuck. Fuck.Fuck. Fuck.

I should find out for sure about his having those lovely things today or tomorrow. Now I am somewhat calm about it, but Monday I was bawling. And when I get that lovely call from the vet I probably will again.

Nutmeg seems fine, and doesn’t act like he’s ill or even half-blind, so it’s not like he’s gonna die next week. However, I have been blissfully ignoring his age (much like I ignore my mom’s age) and pretend that this fur bomb will be around furever. And that’s not how life goes.

At least not for me this year. Fuck.


~ by pithycomments on June 11, 2008.

One Response to “Odds and ends”

  1. yikes!! Sorry about your kitty 😦 😦

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