bikini babe…sorta

After the unfortunate clothing choice for my last pool visit, I decided that investing in a swimsuit might be advisable. The Happy Bunny tank, while cute, doesn’t make for appropriate swim wear. And as the Princess had invited myself and Flippy for sun, swimming and Smirnoffs (before hitting the DC Blogger Happy Hour this Caturday), I decided it was time to stop thinking about a suit and get one.

Now for most people, buying a swimsuit is probably a normal summer happening. As we all can tell, I am not most people. In Florida we had an awesome pool in the backyard that I pretty much lived in. One teeny-tiny problem: my uber-religious mom did not approve of how indecent even the most conservative of swimsuits were and therefore I had to wear a cover-up at all times…even IN the water. This cover up had to go past my knees, people. Wearing shorts on top of the suit was a no-no since that was indecent too. (I had a grrrrreat childhood. Riding a bike in a long skirt…FAIL)

So, until I went away to college, that was what I wore. When I bought my first real swimsuit in 2000 (yes, you read that right), I was not very comfy in it. It was a Speedo black one-piece with a “conservative cut”. I had granny panties that covered less skin and still felt like a walking pale whale. I wore board shorts with it. It was a big step for me.

I kept that suit until my recent move(s) and banished it as it was too big and since my awkwardness about revealing my flesh has lessened. But every time I walked past the suits in Target or Macy’s I’d get a little queasy. Shopping for jeans was bad enough, swimsuit shopping had to be 100 times worse. I’m a 29-yr-old that is intimidated by swimwear…pass it on.

So last night I confronted my Spandex-y fears and determinedly walked into the heart of the swimsuit section at Target. And, boy, was it picked clean. The one piece suits looked boring and grandma-y and the two piece…well, I’m not ready for that much exposure. And neither is anyone else really.

After some hunting, I did spot a cute tankini that looked like it would fit, but it had something called color. I usually stick to a color palette of black and blacker, with the occasional grey or dark earth tone thrown in. Y’know, to mix it up a bit.

I did find a brown tankini with the tiniest of magenta peeking out around the boobs and waistband, but I wasn’t as confident of its ability to be ready for all my jelly.

Sadly, brownie was not up to the challenge. I think I heard the straps cry out in pain at one point, or maybe that was me when I looked in the mirror. In the end, the tankini of color won the battle. Gotta admit, the teal looks good against my tan.

Now, to work up the courage to appear in public in it. Stay tuned…the last know appearance of that much of me in public was when I was 2.


~ by pithycomments on June 11, 2008.

One Response to “bikini babe…sorta”

  1. yay! glad you’re going to come to the happy hour! 🙂 🙂

    and i’m having problems finding a bikini this year :/ i haven’t been around a beach/pool in almost five years. The bikini i relied on for four years? I’ve gained the post-grad 10 and well…it doesn’t fit. I’m looking for a retro one has a cute strapless one piece but finding it in our picked over suit sections here? ha!

    I hate summer 😦

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