My hangover has a hangover

Apparently a night of drinking that involves wine, beer, gin and tonic and a random mystery shot is not so good.

I currently  have the  worst non-vodka induced hangover of my life.  I woke up still drunk and decided I’d be late to work. I made it here alive and determining that it was pretty slow, spent a little quality time with a beanbag in an empty office. I’m having salacious thoughts about my bed and am counting the minutes til my fantasy of sleep is fulfilled.

Not even my traditional Chick-fil-a hangover lunch is helping,

Stupid open bar.


~ by pithycomments on June 6, 2008.

7 Responses to “My hangover has a hangover”

  1. Ugh, I hate that. I’m a seasoned drinker (no, I’m not a delusional alcoholic), but for some reason wine will kick my ass, hangover-wise. It renders me completely useless the next day. I will be a non-functional Liz.

    My wine hangovers are immune to my usual McDonalds fare, which is depressing. I just hide behind large sunglasses and pray for the world to go away.

  2. wow- what was that about your boring white peeps:) just be happy you didn’t have to start at 6 the next day

  3. um, why do you think I was drinking? I was bored.

  4. wow- and here i thought it was cuz youre a lush? what do i know.

  5. bored lush.

  6. ah .. so we were both right.. whew.. thouught I was totally off

  7. Well, you are a little off, what with the deformity on the ankle and all.

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