Constant Comida Cravings

My recent restlessness has manifested itself in massive Latino food cravings. I’ve been Googling recipes for gandules con coco (pigeon peas with coconut), ogling the Goya Foods web site like it was food porn, and counting down til 5 so I can rush home and make platano fritos with quesito. (double fried plantains with crumbled white cheese on top)

And then when on the Goya site, I see recipes for things like Ripe Plantain Pie, Chicken with Mole and corn tortillas…so not helping my cravings, but I’m hypnotized by the site.

Sadly, I went grocery shopping before the cravings hit, so I have a fully stocked fridge of items that don’t translate into what I’m craving.  Plus, I really don’t feel like cooking empanadas (deep fried meat pies) or perfecting the arroz con gandules recipe since I’ve never made it before.

What I really need is a good, Latino restaurant, preferably Colombian. There is this hole-in-the-wall joint in Arlington that serves real Colombian food, and there was a good Colombian place in Silver Spring, but I believe Mexicans took it over.

So, fellow DC-ites…know any good Latino restaurants??? Help a chica out here, otherwise I’ll be forced to experiment and foist the results on my co-workers. And we all know that Flippy ain’t down with rice. Or beans.

Or, if no restaurants, how about a good recipe or two??


~ by pithycomments on May 28, 2008.

6 Responses to “Constant Comida Cravings”

  1. Firstly, you need to get yourself a pool boy that can cook. Just go to a migrant worker camp and pick one out.

    Secondly, wtf is up with not liking rice or beans? There’s all different kinds of rice. Pork fried rice, Spanish Rice, sticky rice, oh the endless possibilities. I’m making that woman eat refried beans next time I’m in town. Oh yes.

  2. We could tie her down and force feed her rice too! She’s ‘fessed up to eating a little bit of rice w/ sushi, so methinks it’s all in her head.

  3. A teeny, tiny bit of rice curdles is way better than eating it by the spoonful. BLECH. No me gusta. AND soy no loca. Soooo not in my head. I’m hiding next time he’s in town. From both of you.

  4. HA!! Everyone knows that a Mexican male is better than a bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out where a single, white female is hiding.

    Hide all you want Flippy…the rhythm is gonna get you…


    And now I’m lusting after the Goya site.

  6. Oh. my. That menu is amazing. Thank you Liz!

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