29 for the first time!

Yesterday was my first 29th birthday. I like the sound of 29 much better than the number that follows it, so it’s safe to say that 29 will have more than one appearance.

My birthday celebration had an early start with my Roomie coming from the West Toast for our friends’ graduation from college. After being (in)appropriately loud and boisterous as our peeps walked across the stage, we celebrated the return of the Brownie-Beaner combo (Roomie is Pakistani, hence the brownie) to Ghetto-more by hitting up…wait for it…Hooters!! Roomie likes the sauce.

After Hooter-ing it up, we were off for some clubbing in Federal Hill, which was fun but as I was driving and on antibiotics for my sniffles, there was no drinky drink for me, which made the evening very long indeed.

Next day were off to DC for gastronomic tour of NW: Lunch at Simply Ayzen in Tenelytown (my new favorite sushi joint), gelatos and churros at Dolcezza Gelato in Georgetown, and finally dinner in Woodley Park at Lebanese Taverna. (side note, really need to start working out more)

The night was capped off with a deeeee-lightful 1 1/2 hour wait in line to get into FUR nightclub. I had steadfastly avoided FUR (and clubs of that ilk) because I’m not a gringo club kinda chick. I like my clubs on the smaller side, with a hint of sketch in the air and music as random as my iPod. Cafe Citron in Dupont and Menhanata/Bulgarian Bar in NYC don’t have hour long waits with 18-yr-olds making out in front of you or uber-exclusive guest lists.

Once we finally got inside I expected the place to be packed, since we did spend nearly 2 hours standing in lines like cattle, but there was no one inside. There was enough open space in there for the Ice Capades. And FUR, what is up with the midgets walking around? I nearly tripped on one when I finally got into the club. I keep imagining him and his lil’ tuxedo skidding across the floor had I not stopped short. (kinda wish I had)

After we found a spot to sit (standing for that amount of time, Mojitos sandals or not, does not bode well for dancing) the lil’ guys were all over the place with their flashlights. I’m not sure what kind of bouncer they are supposed to be, and isn’t that kind of dangerous for them?? They’re one stiletto away from a worker’s comp claim.  Fun was had by all, especially the Coach as she batted boy after boy away.

Sunday meant quality time with my cat, coffee and Gilmore Girls!! I finally caved and started watching the 7th (and last..sob!!) season. Despite the fact that I have seen the eps where Rory graduates and the series finale more than once, I will be bawling. Shut. Up.

Memorial Day was spent it the way it was meant to be celebrated — shopping!! My economic stimulus check and I stimulated my absolute FAVORITE store of all time (and mind you, the competition is Sephora, the Apple Store and wherever Michael Kors can be found. Stiff competitors.): Metropark! I love this store like Carrie Bradshaw loves her shoes.

And speaking of shoes, apparently the Macy’s at the Annapolis Mall is too high-brow to carry Carlos Santana shoes. Ex-cuuuuse moi, popped collar central. I’ll just go slumming in Bethesda where Carlos and his beaner friends are welcomed! And also, on sale. Say hola to my new brown Mojitos. A girl can never have too many mojitos.

Yesterday was the actual birthing day (woo-fucking-hoo). I got my hair did at the always awesome Bang Salon in Chinatown (I look purty), had din with some Ghetto-more peeps that traveled down to DC just for me(!!!) at Busboys and Poets on U St. and walked to Dupont where we hung out and sent inappropriate text messages.

And then today when I sashayed into the office with my cute hair and cute new outfit, what to my wondering eyes should appear but and yummy basket filled with caffeinated goodness!! Rockstars, Doublehots and chocolates, all with that yummy yummy caffeine!! Thanks Flippy, Coach and Nickname-TBA!!

This is going to be a good week. 😉


~ by pithycomments on May 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “29 for the first time!”

  1. ummm hi happy birthday to you 🙂 🙂

  2. So is this weekend’s extravaganza going to be 29 for the second time? I hear the years just fly by as you get older.

  3. watch it missy. I’ll pelt you with rice and beans!

  4. happy birthday! I am going to try and make myself stay 29 until I die. It’ll be fun.

  5. thanks for the b-day wishes all! And I think we should start a 29-for-Life gang. We could torture the 25-yr-olds…that outta give ’em a nice little mid-life crisis.

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