Day 2

Day 2 on the butt-crack-of-dawn shift. I’m slightly less cranky than I was yesterday, but that’s only because it’s not raining and I didn’t have to swim to get to my shower.

I ended up having a little more water than I originally thought, resulting in most of the items under my bed now drying out in my living room.  And for the record, cat litter, water and throw rugs are a bad mix.

The bedroom exodus resulted in my losing my keys this morning, which made changed my mood from comatose to bitchy. Always fun.

I beginning to suspect that I have a sinus infection, something that I haven’t had in 3 years.  I can barely breathe, my head feels 20 lbs. heavier,  and the awesomely good Colombian allergy meds are having zero effect on this beast.

Today is shaping up to be one of those days, the likes of which I haven’t had since the last time I worked this shift.  And I haven’t even done my telemarketer impression yet, so my mood will only “improve.”

My delightful six shots of fun had no lasting effect other than a random dream about the Orange Mocha Latte finally being out. Seriously Starbucks, bring it back already. Altogether, I had about 40 oz. of coffee before noon.


~ by pithycomments on May 13, 2008.

One Response to “Day 2”

  1. i jumped back on the caffeine bandwagon today with a dr. pepper. a 4:30am shift’ll do that to you i suppose. 😦

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