Drink-o de Mayo

I’m a girl that likes traditions. Growing up all holiday celebrations were banned from our dysfunctional household, for fear they might violate some obscure and mis-interpreted Bible verse. As a result, I have become someone that likes to celebrate everything. Birthdays, holidays, DVD releases…you name it, I’ll throw a party for it.

Last year around this time I jokingly mentioned to my friend Chihuahua that we should have a pig roast for Cinco de Mayo since she’s Mexican and I like to party. (my logic rarely makes sense to anyone) Several phone calls and a Mennonite farm later, there was a pig in the back of her Ford Aspire and I was on my way to Lynchburg. As we tooled around Lynchbore with Earl in the trunk (yes, I named the pig), we decided to make the Pig Roast an annual event.

All year I have looked forward to Drink-o de Mayo II and having a pig on an open spit in Chihuahua’s backyard, drinking Negra Modelo beer at 9 a.m. and chain smoking cloves for a weekend. This year was going to be bigger and better with my friend Sex Therapist and her hubby joining the fun, and there was chatter of making this a 2-day event (a family-friendly day and a drinky-drinky day).

Sadly news of competing pig roast broke which would have chopped our attendance in half, including the manpower needed to help with the pig (who was going to be name Dick this year). So instead of hosting the roast, we will be crashing the pig roast. Not nearly as much fun, but it does keep me forming emotional attachments to my dinner. Earl was a cutie…tasty little fucker, too.

So, no pig handling at 6 a.m. but there will still be drinking at early morning hours (some Bacardi Silver Mojitos with your coffee??), massive consumption of Cape Cod potato chips have been added to the menu (seriously, these are the best potato chips ever!), and I’m pretty sure we smoke ciggies in our sleep.

There’s just something about Lynchbore that makes me want to live the healthy life…


~ by pithycomments on April 30, 2008.

8 Responses to “Drink-o de Mayo”

  1. you can find cape cod potato chips in DC?! You must tell me where!! I didn’t think you could find them outside of new england!!

  2. The Safeway in Tenleytown usually has the regular, reduced fat and sea salt & vinegar versions in stock. You can also order them from the cape cod site which is so going to fuck w/ my diet. These chips rock my world!! So much better than Utz, which infests this area.

  3. did you guys sing “Goodbye Earl”?

    And why didn’t we have a 27 Dresses party? That could’ve been really funny…. i have some hideous dresses.

  4. drinking at early morning hours is always a good thing.

  5. the dvd is still unopened, but I doubt I can fit in my ‘maids dress without serious coaxing and slathering lard on my thighs. I might still have the bachlorette’s tshirt from her party where I made out w/ a Marine.

  6. Since drink-de-mayo was spent hunting periods and commas, i vote for a rematch this weekend

  7. possibly…though I apparently volunteered to work both nights of a bellydance show this weekend instead of just one. No shimmying, just directing the shimmy-ers in the right direction.

  8. […] also been eating healthier this week, which for me means no Cape Cod Chips and no vending machine visits. I’ve also resisting the offers of free pizza, free […]

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