Run, hottie, RUN!

There are many reasons that I love living in D.C.: the energy, diversity, culture, shopping and clubbing. But the one thing that makes me love DC and be ever grateful that I moved here is this: Male joggers!

Nothing makes DC traffic enjoyable quite like a half-dressed hottie, sweat glistening off his sculpted upper body as he does the jog-in-place thingy waiting for the light to change. So far Georgetown and Connecticut Ave. have provided the best scenery for my commute. While no traffic accidents have been caused by my ogling, I have been the recipient of a few honkings and have been known to stick my head out the window for a better look.

It always saddens me when the weather changes and the joggers layering on the clothing. But as some consider robins prancing in a yard (and the eventual crapping on your car) or flowers blooming as a sign that spring cometh, the first half-dressed hottie sighting means winter is over for me!


~ by pithycomments on April 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Run, hottie, RUN!”

  1. Aw, you make me really, really miss having to drive by White Rock Lake in Dallas twice a day. The eye candy in these here parts consists of gruff old farmers clunking around in suspenders and/or overalls. I hear tales of a mexiclaus in bovine-anal-stench-land just north of here, maybe he can do a jog-by for me.

  2. omg…i saw a beauty of a dude on Pennsylvania near GW on Friday after a trader Joes trip while i was waiting for the bus…his shoulders were so sculpted ahhhhhhh…

    also you should check out 8th street…there’s lots of outdoor seating and lots of marines running around not usually half naked but they often have pretty faces and nice enough bodies that you don’t need them to be with their shirts off to imagine them 😉

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