It’s a rainy, dreary Monday. I’m sniffle-y and stuffy with the beginnings of a head cold; I’m anxious about my pending eye stabbing; work isn’t providing the distraction it usually does…what’s a girl to do?? Shoe shop online, of course!

Last week I decided that I deserved a nice, expensive pair of shoes after the cute $12 flip-flops I bought at Target f-ed up my tootsies, forcing me to rock the Band-Aid accessories footwear.

So after getting my hair cut by the adorable Ty at Salon Cielo in Pentagon City, I was on the hunt for a cute, non-foot-destroying pair of flip-floppy heels. After stops at Nine West, Aldo, Bandolino, Kenneth Cole, and strong hesitation outside of the Coach store, I made a final stop at Macy’s. And there I fell in love…

the mojito Meet the Mojito by Carlos Santana! (I got it in black, natch and while I did not buy it solely because of its name, it didn’t hurt either)

I remember a co-worker once enthusiastically telling me that Santana had a shoe line, but dismissed it thinking, “Santana designing shoes?? Did Methatron give him the styles??” Oh, how wrong I was.

I wandered around the different shoes at Macy’s and saw the Santana display. Curiosity won and I walked over and checked them out. After 20 minutes of drooling over the styles, I finally settled on the Mojito and forced myself to leave.

Today, after discussing shoes w/ the Princess, I decided to check out Santana’s shoes’ site (say that 3 times fast!). As soon as I saw the gorgeous red slingback stilettos, an orgasmic gasp of joy emanated from my cube, followed by more toe-curling joy as clicked on Venom Red wedge sandals. After a breather (aka, work) I went back for more, this time the objects of my lust being two “gladiator-themed” sandals; the chocolate Signal and the chocolate Battle.

Not since the Michael Kors’ jeans discovery of February have I been so carnal about a clothing item.

(pssssst. my birthday is just around the corner. just sayin’)


~ by pithycomments on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Want.”

  1. If you’re lucky. And I mean super lucky (which you’re not, you ended up being born Colombian 😀 ), you could get the fashion piece everyone is raving about. An Al Castle Rocks My World T-shirt.

    Mexi Claus will see what he can do.

  2. Mexi Claus just made me laugh so hard, I snorted coffee out my nose.

    Hope the eye stabbing’s going OK! We miss you!

  3. […] speaking of shoes, apparently the Macy’s at the Annapolis Mall is too high-brow to carry Carlos Santana shoes. Ex-cuuuuse moi, popped collar central. I’ll just go slumming in Bethesda where Carlos and […]

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