Fight for your rights

My quasi-alma mater, University of Baltimore, recently made a decision to increase parking fees for all students. The current parking fee is around $120 for the year. The money-hungry admin at UB is proposing to raise the parking fee to $7.32 for an 8-hour day for students, which adds up to around $1200 a year. (no worries, I didn’t do the math) Student loans and other forms of financial aid won’t cover this fee thanks to the handy-dandy debit/swipe cards people who park in the garage will be forced to use. As such, my plucky former fellow students are protesting this Thursday, April 10 at 11 a.m. in Gordon Plaza.

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Now to put this in perspective, UB is a commuter campus. There are no dorms. If you are some of the lucky few who live in Baltimore you can walk, ride the train or take the ever-so-useful Light Rail to campus. But as for student who take night classes that get out around 11 p.m., driving is your only option. And considering that the majority of students live outside of walking distance to campus, driving is the only feasible way to get there.

UB is an urban campus, which severly cuts down on the available street parking. And since this is Baltimore, those lucky night class students, get to deal with all the after-dark dealings of Ghetto-more. And please don’t think that a university monitored parking area will keep your car safe. One of my friends had her motorcycle stolen from the parking lot that was ACROSS the street from the 24-hr security desk. Many other students have had their car broken into while on school property. (check out the Crime Blotter from the school paper. When UB security actually gives them the correct information that is.)

And the walk to the current garage and soon to be built garages? Skeeeeetchy. The current Maryland Ave. garage is conveinetly located across from a delightful liquor store. You can usually get panhandled by at least one bum, and the lighting for the several block walk is nonexistent.

So if you’re around Gordon Plaza on Thursday, show your support for the students. If you’re a current UB student, walkout on your class and join the Student Government Association out on the Plaza. If you don’t have class, drive to UB and park in the garage while it’s still relatively cheap to do so, and join your fellow students in this protest.

UB students want UB to feel like a traditional college. Well, here’s your chance. This is your chance to let the admin and President Bogomolny know that you have a voice and your going to have it be heard.

University of Baltimore Student Protest Planned for April 10


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