Cherry Blossoms, Scientology and Inappropriate Footwear

Saturday was the long awaited Cherry Blossom “Tour of Twigs.” Surprisingly, the weather was quite pleasant, with no rain, making it a beautiful sunny spring day. With the change in weather, my clothing options thrown off as I was expecting cold and wet things dropping from the sky.

I donned my traditional black clothing, but balked at what shoes to wear: should I go with the preferred flipflops? The comfy, yet not fashionable or matching sneakers? The fashionable, yet comfort-challenged black boots? Fashion won out over comfort. I figured we’d walk a few blocks around the empty trees and then take the Metro to Kramer’s or Busboys & Poets where the rest of the afternoon would be spent in caffeinated goodness.

On my walk to the Metro, the thought that my boots might not have been the most appropriate footwear decision crossed my mind, but I remembered that these boots have seen many a salsa night at Havana Village and I was still walking, so I figured I could tough it out. (In retrospect, those salsa night may have contributed to the downfall of the boots’ comfort level.)

I met up with my Baltimore crowd, many of whom I hadn’t seen since the move. We made our way to the Tidal Basin, dodging tourists, strollers and small children. At first as we were walking, I noticed the cherry blossoms along way were less than impressive. I steeled myself for the yearly Tidal Basin disappointment. Walking away from the Washington Monument, the Basin came into view, and what a view it was!!

Pink, fluffy little blossoms were everywhere! White, light pink, dark pink and every shade in between, it was like standing in a cotton candy forest. Finally!!! After all this time, my disappointment and complaining are no more! I’ve popped my cherry blossom! Once I download the pics from the camera, I’ll post some here.

After a quick tour of the WWII and Korean War memorials we were cherry blossom-ed out. We were off to Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe in Dupont for a light snack and sightseeing with a yummy dinner planned at Jaleo in Chinatown.

After Kramer’s (Pomegranate mimosa = delish! Pomegranate Manhattan = not so much) we wandered aimlessly and found our selves in front of the Founding Church of Scientology.

An ever-so-eager tour guide was standing outside and quickly offered us a tour of the “church.”This was an opportunity my fellow snarky friends and I could not pass up. At first I declined the tour, but then I thought of the ample opportunity for a funny story later over tapas and joined the tour. I pretty much went in with less than an open mind.

To be continued… (because I can’t master the short post concept)


~ by pithycomments on April 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Cherry Blossoms, Scientology and Inappropriate Footwear”

  1. don’t leave me hanging like that!

  2. Oh please, please say you brought a video camera to record the tour. Or at least took some pictures?

  3. One of the guys took pictures. I’ll try to get them for ya. But really, don’t my pithy comments paint a picture for you?

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