Epic Cherry Blossom FAIL

Cherry blossoms. They’re pink, plentiful and mean one thing to DC inhabitants: The beginning of the end. Otherwise known as the start of tourist season.

For three years I have attempted to see the blossoms and for three years I have failed. While I know that I can see cherry blossoms all over DC, there is something about going to the Tidal Basin and walking around the monuments that makes it more official. I really need to get over that.

The first time I tried to pop my cherry blossom was my junior year in college. My friend Chihuahua was going on the school sponsored trip, a mere three hour drive in a cozy van filled with perky Baptists. I declined at first until I found out that the cute photographer for the school newspaper was going. Wanting to bag that Baptist, I decided at the last minute to go.

Christina and I learned the hard way that the maps that were given out were quite handy for finding the blossoms. After spending the day museum-hopping (we thought the blossoms would be along the way) we set out for the Basin. After sunset we finally found the elusive cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, it was too dark to actually see the blossoms or to take a decent photo of them, but from all the students raving about the awesome blossoms, I understand it was quite a sight.

I never saw my cute photographer, but did see his awesome picture of the cherry blossoms on the front page of the paper. FAIL on two counts.

Fast forward a few years and I set out for my second cherry tour. This time I went with my friend SLD, her hubby and two little spawnings. This time I was prepared. I have mapped out the route the night before, had everything printed and ranked according to blossomage. As we emerged from the Metro, we were greeted with cold, biting winds. Too cold for the little spawnings, so we turned around and headed back to the Tenleytown Lair. We might have made it as far as the Washington Monument, but no serious blossomage was seen.

In 2007, I was determined to see my blossoms. My cohort Indiscreet Indiscretion and her family joined me on my quest. It was quite chilly, but these were Northern folks that were immune to below freezing temperatures. Trotting along on our way to the Tidal Basin, little, white, fluffy things floated in the air. “Um, those floaty things are cherry blossom, right?” asked the chilly Colombian with hope in her voice. Nope, it was snow. Snow flurries in April. We bravely trudged onward through the blizzard (ok, ok, it wasn’t a blizzard, but snow in April?!?!), only to find that the blossoms had peaked last week and were now falling with the snow.

2008–This, THIS would finally be the year. Friends from Baltimore were planning a school trip down to see the blossoms on April 5th, and I eagerly agreed to join. Visions of pink fluffiness danced in my head as the date grew near. And now, the day before I plan to see the blossoms, I see this on weather.com:

Showers and thundershowers likely in the morning with a shower or two possible during the afternoon. High 59F. Chance of rain 70%.



~ by pithycomments on April 4, 2008.

One Response to “Epic Cherry Blossom FAIL”

  1. High of 59?!? Cry me a river…

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